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  1. For me, it's got to be Babymetal. They'll cause a few jaws to drop. Really stoked for this.
  2. JonnyG

    The National

    Clearly written by someone who has listened to the record once. The comment that there are no memorable melodies is telling. For me their melodies don’t usually emerge until the third listen, or later. And then I can’t get them out of my head.
  3. Me - they've got some cracking songs! I can't go tonight, sadly. I caught them in a 3/4 empty tent at Latitude a few years ago and they were great. They don't tour the UK enough.
  4. Also, the older you are, the more you've heard, and the more difficult it is for something not to sound like a copy of what you loved when you were young. 🙂 That shouldn't stop you trying, however. I'm a little older than 40 (ahem), but I'm looking forward to Stormzy, Snapped Ankles, Christine and the Queens, Sam Fender, Lloyle Carner, Idles, Billie Eilish, and Lizzo, among others.
  5. JonnyG

    Crow's Nest

    I'll second you on She Drew The Gun. I've already put in Snapped Ankles as a must see up there this year.
  6. Clearly a fake - where's Idles? 🙂
  7. JonnyG

    2019 New Music

    Saw The Howl And The Hum last night. Didn't know much about them, and was extremely impressed. If they're on the farm, they'll be top of my "to see" list.
  8. JonnyG

    2019 Headliners

    Ofc it’s guesswork in this case, but by “I believe” I mean “I’ve been reliably informed by friends in the industry”, so I’m pretty confident the general principle holds. 😀. As to whether he can pull it off, that’s a matter of opinion - and will almost certainly remain so after the event. 😂. My view is that he’s aware and smart enough to realise the potential weaknesses and work a set/guests to address them. He’s got a year to figure it out, and doesn’t (yet) appear to have a Kanye-sized ego convincing him he merely has to turn up and everyone will love him. If nothing else, he’s an interesting and challenging choice, and I value that over the annual safety-nets headlining V (or whatever it’s called now 😁).
  9. JonnyG

    2019 Headliners

    I believe that advance listens of a record are available to the industry well before the record is released, and bookings are made based on the reaction to that. For example, Let’s Eat Grandma were a tiny niche act, but booked Heaven - a significant London showcase for hottly tipped bands - before the second record was released. Surprise, it turned out to be a belter, and they stormed the gig. I suspect that the first hearings of Stormzy’s new stuff has persuaded the Eavii he is ready to step up.
  10. JonnyG

    Kanye west confirmed

    I'm on the fence about Kanye - some of the records sound wonderful, some of his pronouncements less so - but I question the arguments regarding what he "should" do for the fans. In particular, many mental illnesses are characterised by an inward-looking mental turmoil, accompanied by poor decison-making. In that context, it seems absurd to criticise a sufferer for not making rational decisions or thinking primarily of others.
  11. JonnyG

    Kanye west confirmed

    I'm not sure what point this clip is meant to illustrate (is this the best booking of all tme or the end of the world?). But it nicely illustrates my issues with a lot of live hip hop. The music is good, there's a sing-along chorus, but I can get that at home with his CDs. What I'm left with, therefore, is a bloke strolling around yelling into a mike. Given that outdoor sound systems are never great, I won't be able to make out what he's saying, and so not really appreciate his dexterity. As a live spectacle, it leaves a lot to be desired. I saw Eminem at V (God I hate that festival) and felt the same. And I know and really like his stuff. I'm unlikely to take a crash course in Kanye before the festival, so I'm not willing to risk being bored just because he is headlining. I will be elsewhere - Lord knows there's enough other choices - but I fear that this isn't a great headliner, because it's not one for the neutrals, and at a festival (sold out before the acts are known) there's going to be a lot of those.
  12. JonnyG

    Latitude 2010

    Good call. Saw Delphic a few weeks ago and they were good, but i saw Yeasayer a couple of days ago and they were magnificent. Band of the year so far, and perfect for the Uncut tent.
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