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    Thought I'd start a thread especially for this kind of stuff as there isn't really a dedicated place for it all and so they seem to get posted in various random threads across the forum, and I often end up missing stuff entirely. I know there's the 'Got any gigs coming up?' thread over in Discussions but it often gets buried or forgotten about. SO... New tour been announced? Post it here. Want to talk about upcoming gigs but there isn't a pre-existing thread for said band? Get that in here too. Post tour posters if you can so people can see full details of the tours. Also, help out efestivals by using the ticket links provided by this site (Shop > Tickets at the top of the page). Maybe this'll work - maybe it'll just fall off. Let's see. Currently very excited about the upcoming Cloud Nothings/The Hotelier tour in December that was announced the week just gone. Very rare that two bands I love so much do this kind of tour together so this is gonna be ace. Already secured my ticket for the Manchester date. On a similar joint venture, At the Drive In are touring in March with Death From Above as support. Bit on the pricey side so waiting it out a little before I commit, but if ATDI are in a good mood then this should be a great tour.
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    So labour suppressing discussion about Brexit during conference. Isn't this the type of thing that evil new labour did. I thought the new regime didn't do that type of politics.
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    I've got to have something to get me through the next two years. That and my almost certainly unjustified vendetta against the drummer from New Order.
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    I think all the side projects seem to be recording or touring. Not that it would prevent a one off festival appearance as The Strokes do, but then these festivals could arrange that any year couldn't they? I'd love to see JC + the Voidz do a proper festival run and European tour. Such an exciting band.
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    I've no idea about next year! I'm guessing Depeche Mode for the big heritage act if they're still touring the new album. Could see Franz Ferdinand, QOTSA, Jesus and Mary Chain, Sparks, The National, The The, Arcade Fire, Black Grape, James, Beth Ditto, Sugarhill Gang, Jess Glynne, Blondie
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    Was a magnificent performance thanks to a true e fester for selling me his tickets when he couldn't go and not trying to cash in ...thats the way. Was it me or did lot of crowd not pick up on the fact it was a new order cover . Matt is a great showman everything looked and sounded great and atmosphere was good. Only one bug bear usual dicks talking all the way through some of the likes of I need my girl through to Abel.
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    Is it bad I always enjoy seeing the festival mocked/ criticised like this just because I think it might make ticket day a bit easier? EDIT: Obviously I know Kingsman is just taking the piss, like.
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    I thought it was the bit where the villain is running amok in a walking version of the Arcadia Spider and Eggsy stops it by ramming a Growler up the exhaust pipe - before saying "Manners maketh man" to a passing Mik Artistik.
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    Nah not at all, if their message is told with honesty, sincerity and conviction I'm perfectly fine with that as they're free to believe what they want to believe. Ultimately I don't care too much about lyrics as I just view vocals as another instrument, and if the instrument is good and mixes well with the other instruments then for me that's just good music. Good lyrics are just a bonus. It's why I can love bands like RATM and Refused (for example), even though, in particular with Refused, they're often the polar opposite in their political stances to me, I still love them to bits as Zach and Dennis feel honest (alongside the rest of the band) in their convictions and deliver them with passion. It's this same very reason why I cannot stand the new Prophets of Rage as it comes across so false (to me personally) and fake, and just seems like a massive cash grab, but Simon Killip's review on Sputnik articulates it all far better than I could. For what it's worth Take To the Skies is one of my favourite records of all time, and getting to see them smash the whole album at Slam Dunk this year is one of my top 10 gigs, if not top 5, and I really quite like A Flash Flood of colour, I probably need to give Common Dreads a fairer reassessment as I only ever listened to it when it came out and I didn't like how different it was to TTTS, but that might have just been my stupid 14 nearly 15 year old self being stubborn and closed minded, and then for the Mindsweep I got duped into thinking that it was going to be more similar to TTTS with Last Garrison (which is amazing), and we end up with a disjointed mess of an album. The new album isn't bad in the sense that it's cringe worth or anything, it's just bland as fuck, similar to That's the Spirit, a couple of legitimately good songs, a couple of songs that need more work, and the rest bland and forgettable. EDIT: If I took politics into account when deciding wether or not to listen to an artist or not I'd have very little to listen too haha, it really doesn't bother me.
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    Not going to get the chance to listen to too many new albums this weekend but listened to Phoebe Bridgers debut this morning which is great. Motion Sickness is one of ny favourite songs of the year so far.
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    God damn, I think Nobody Else Will Be There might well be my all time favourite The National song.
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    I see that at least one person bought the vegan cookbook:
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    Under the Pressure and Come To The City both prime memories for me on the Pyramid...sounded immense. such a shame it's one of the few Pyramid sets without a quality recording/filming. they had a long touring cycle for last record (saw them 4 times btw Mar 2014 to Oct 2015) but with timing now, I wonder if last weekend of June 2019 might be an idle time for them...2020 or '21 more likely? could have/should have been said at dinner parties back in 2011 as well....I still think the first post-Kurt Vile record is a stunning beauty
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    Saw the sherlocks tonight in London and they were unreal. Absolutely urge you to go along. Would actually say they’re more English biffy Clyro than the courteeners, although comparing them to the courteeners is far from an insult to me