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  1. I am indeed! See you in the oxfield later today. look out for an orange and grey 3 man tent, and come say hello! It's my second time at BDs, last year was my first festival with Oxfam. Really enjoyed it, despite a fair bit of not dry stuff falling from the sky. Great mix of people, very friendly, and a nice size, too. Enough to choose from, but no 3 mile hikes to get between stages! See you there!
  2. Morning all Sorry not been about very much recently (real life blah blah blah...) Very much looking forward to seeing @Curlygirl later today for a catch-up, and @Quark sometime over the weekend. I'll not have mead, I'm afraid, but you're welcome to try my range of flavoured spirits! Must admit, I'd been feeling a bit meh about Beautiful Days until yesterday. I think, having had such an awesome time at Bearded Theory in May, with Curlygirl and @paddyclark, among others, I'd started thinking that hopefully it would be good, but couldn't possibly be as good as Bearded was. Having spent yesterday packing, though, I've finally got some enthusiasm building Hope those who went to Boomtown had a great time, seen a few photos on FB, and it looked fab. Maybe I'll get there one year!
  3. mr gumby


    That's weird. They're all on the festival's Facebook, though. Click on the BDs symbol in the link I posted above, and it should take you there.
  4. mr gumby


    Splits and running orders are up
  5. I'll be there i also went to Bearded Theory, and was blown away. That'll be a regular fixture in my year, now, as will Beautiful Days. Hoping the good weather lasts a few more weeks! Most looking forward to seeing Vintage Trouble again, and Slow Reader's Club, Feeder and The Wildhearts. Plus, the Barsteward Sons of Val Doonican and Mik Artistik are always on my list if they're playing at a festival!
  6. I know nothing whatsoever about the subject, apart from what you've said (and you have my sympathy regarding any kind of chronic illness), but what I would say is this: Fuck me, that'd be a great name for a metal band!
  7. I'm sure we can meet for a beer at some point over the weekend! I'll get my shifts when I arrive on the Wednesday. Got pretty lucky with my shifts at Bearded Theory, only one of the three cut into stage times at all, and even that was daytime rather than evening. Hoping for something similar at BDs!
  8. I was also on the Pyramid field team last year, second time I've done litter picking. I'd happily do it every year, in return for not having the stress of t-day, but it's not for everyone. I've always been happy to get to sleep not long after the headliners, and be up fairly early, so I don't feel like I'm missing out there. Of course, anyone who particularly likes the nighttime areas might struggle to do a 6 hour shift straight after. I can always have later nights Monday to Wednesday if I fancy it, anyway! I volunteer through a charity called Small Steps Project, and £100 of my deposit goes to them, to help fund their work with families scratching a living on landfill sites, so as well as contributing to the festival, I'm also happy to be helping their work. I think a few other charities provide small numbers of litter pickers, but the majority of the recycling team are organised for the festival by Critical Waste. They're probably the best bunch to contact, if you want to get involved.
  9. It's got some great music on too, should brighten up a chilly winter weekend!
  10. Evening all it's been a while, sorry about that. Hope everyone's doing well. Today I waterproofed our new(ish) tent, ready for camping in August, and booked a ticket for the In Cider festival at Pontin's in Weston super mare in Feb, along with (hopefully) the lovely @Curlygirl among others others
  11. If you go to the ticket page, you can click on the 'skip' button if you're not wanting festival tickets. On the next page, there's a box to click on saying 'live in vehicles'.
  12. I've seen Mik and the lads a fair few times at Glasto, but the set on the woodland stage at BT was the funniest, no question. You know how some people hear a joke on Facebook or whatever, and reply with an over-exaggerated 'I'm literally dying!'? For once, that wouldn't be far off! I was doubled over with laughing, and seriously struggling to breathe. Tears streaming and everything!
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