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    Scott was told by a source that she's definitely doing Glastonbury. p106 of this thread.
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    or headline the Other stage? probably much more likely to sub but you never know.....
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    Went for a site walk yesterday, here are a few...
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    Right, ICW's new one hour show is FREE to watch until 9pm tomorrow night. So... get it watched. It has... DCT vs. Big Damo Kenny Williams © vs. Noam Dar - ICW Zero G Championship Nikki Storm vs. Sammi Jayne Joe Hendry vs. Mikey Whiplash The hour just flies by and everything is fun. Especially Williams/Noam and Hendry/Whiplash. The final match is especially amazing, and both guys get given a proper chance to showcase themselves and what they're capable of. https://icwondemand.pivotshare.com/media/friday-night-fight-club-episode-1-20th-february-2015/20521/feature

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