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  1. Awake since 4 am for no other reason than pure excitement. 45 going on 8.
  2. Wellies - Bringing but leaving in car Walking boots - wearing from car to campsite but hopefully not needing again. Trekking shoes - main choice this year for around site Teva sandals - around the tent, maybe even weds/Thurs, too risky for main stages though.
  3. I have been known to bring my wellies and leave them in the car, that's the way I roll.
  4. Here's the ones I use. UK Outlooks BBC - updated once a week on Mondays Met Office - Updated several times daily Long Term Forecasts Accuweather - No idea what based on as forecasting far out Metcheck - Probably based on GFS runs as forecast go to same date Mallet&locationID=56888&lat=51.2&lon=-2.5&findtype= Short term forcasts - Not in range yet but getting close, Wednesday 21st will come into view on Mon 12th BBC YR - Norwegians Festival Forecasts Festiweather Gavs Weather Vids Netweather (J10) GFS Runs - Do your own forecasts Netweather;sess= Weather Central (German site)
  5. Ah, Ok, thanks.
  6. Does anyone reckon approach direction makes any difference to what car park you end up in on the west side. i.e If you approach from the A361 heading west are you more likely to end up in Yellow/Orange than on the A361 heading east?
  7. That's what THEY want you to think.....
  8. In the piccy you can see the goalposts on the right hand side, look very similar to the webcam.
  9. Ah yes. Gotta be a smaller roof (at least) on the Other Stage this year then surely.
  10. Oh, you think they're goal posts, not 1/2 put up supports. I can't get my head around the angles! And why would there be 4 x goal posts?
  11. More Other stage supports going up, looking more like normal now.
  12. And we're back!
  13. There is no spoon.
  14. The chair and picnic brigade just wouldn't stand for that sort of shit. One step on a picnic rug and it would all be over.