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  1. I stand corrected (me too). Best use of the dog pic yet.
  2. Worst use of the dog picture yet.
  3. rebus

    The Weather Thread 2019

    The z is for Zulu Time, which is UTC (or GMT) not BST and certainly not OMD.
  4. Got given this sign for Fathers Day from my son. How did he know? I never talk about Glastonbury......
  5. Yeah we'll be fine. We are going to Worthy Farm!!!!!
  6. Up for a meet up. Failed to get tickets but managed to score a Oxfam Stewards volunteering job with my mate so chuffed to be there at all. My mate has just pulled out so it look like I'm going solo. We be my 12th Glastonbury, 2nd solo but 1st volunteering and I am little bit nervous. Mainly with fitting fun and frolics around shifts etc, especially after a potential overnight shift. Not getting any younger (47). Arriving on the Tuesday Hoping to come out of the festival with a "would love to volunteer again" attitude. Bring it on, can't really think about anything else at the moment. This is normal! Particularly looking forward to having the car close by,. Could be a game changer. See you all in the Oxfield!
  7. Ordered Cider, Indomie Mi-Goreng Cup Noodles, and Gaviscon tablets. I'm sure they'll all complement each other nicely.
  8. rebus

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Who's to say you are not? Next thing you'll be thinking you won tickets to this years festival, I mean as if...
  9. This is soooo much better than doing any work!
  10. rebus

    The Weather Thread 2019

    And there was also a nice Sunday morning shower so everyone had a lay in, lovely. I'd take 2015 any year.
  11. Looks like they've deleted it. They sent a personalized email to their entire customer base (inc myself) saying that you have won a vip trip to Madrid for the Champions League final. Whoops! Just search for zavvi on twitter for a laugh.
  12. Hopefully Zavvi will run a competition. Chances of winning with them are pretty high! https://twitter.com/zavvi/status/1126427669011234816
  13. Excellent, thanks, no brainer at that price. Used the old model for many years.
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