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  1. rebus

    Local Ticket Sales 2018

    This is a local thread for local people. Every year 65% of the local tickets are bought by a well organised group of Somersetites and then ceremoniously burnt on a fire whilst drinking cider and laughing that they'll never get into the hands of people from that London. Fact, probably.
  2. Its a tough time now, I'm really struggling. Desperate to go for coach tickets purely for the extra chance even though we don't want to go on the coach. Love the beer runs to the car too much! Have made a final decision not to try (I was 50/50, my mate was nah sod the coach). Will feel (slightly) better come 1820!
  3. Can anyone remember the see tickets coach departure times from Norwich and Cambridge on the Wednesday last year. Many thanks
  4. It's safe to say it's ramping up in here!
  5. Same place and departure day per booking unfortunately. https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/tickets/#COACH "You will be asked to choose a Coach Departure Town and Coach Departure Day (Wednesday or Thursday). Please note you must choose one option for your group as a whole – you cannot select multiple options within one transaction."
  6. Yeah I draw the line at Thursday coach as well. To be honest the only reason I'm not keen on the coach is the lack of beer runs to the car. Just the thought of failure on the Sunday combined with not trying on the Thursday is enough to send me a bit funny.
  7. It's normally about this stage that I cave in and decide to try for coach tickets even though I don't want to go on the coach.
  8. The coach info also states "Please note you must choose one option for your group as a whole – you cannot select multiple options within one transaction." https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/tickets/#COACH So on one booking you cannot split departure location and/or day.
  9. rebus

    Coach packages

    Can anyone remember the seetickets coach times from Norwich and Cambridge last year, I can only find 2014 (Norwich - 0845, Cambridge - 1330).
  10. Hi, me and my family are visiting Cheddar Gorge in a couple of weeks time (Me, my wife, 10 year old son and our dog). I would like to do a 1-2 hour dog walk that takes in some good views of the site, show my son the Pyramid stage (even naked) etc. Can anyone recommend a good dog walk and where to park etc. Many thanks.
  11. Has anyone seen/taken any Land Rover tents in the Campervan fields, just wondering if they're allowed. Something along the lines of the below, my mates thinking of getting one for his Land Rover.
  12. rebus

    The National

    Really enjoyed my first full listen to the album, massive highlight for me was when Guilty Party came on which took me back to the pyramid set. Was a bit disappointed with the glastonbury set which had too much new stuff for my liking (+ crap crowd done the front), but you do get a bit of pay back now.
  13. rebus

    Arcade Fire

    Got a couple of tickets for Dublin for me and my wife. Will visit the inlaws in Belfast and abandon our kid for the night to sample Dublins delights. Only been to Dublin once about 15 years ago so should be fun, just need to sort out somewhere nice to stay to make a holiday of it.
  14. Wellies - Bringing but leaving in car Walking boots - wearing from car to campsite but hopefully not needing again. Trekking shoes - main choice this year for around site Teva sandals - around the tent, maybe even weds/Thurs, too risky for main stages though.
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