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  1. WWE

    So how short are we expecting this Shield run to be before Ambrose (most likely) turns heel? I would love it to be Reigns that turns heel, as would everyone else. Not happening in a millions years, though.
  2. Acts you don't "get"

    I was having a chat with some of my friends the other day and we got talking about musical acts that everyone seems love but we don't really get the appeal of them. I think my main ones have to be Florence & The Machine, Wolf Alice and Slaves. Florence especially is a massive act but I've struggled to get into the music (and I've tried a few times!). Ben Howard is another one, although I don't hear too much of him at the moment. I went to one of his gigs as a friend had a spare ticket and can honestly say it was one of the worst I've been to. Was wondering if there are any acts similar to this for you guys? - I expect to see Ed Sheeran and Coldplay listed a lot!
  3. Football 17/18

    Seems slightly harsh to me, that. He is actually looking away and flings his arm up to complain but has absolutely no idea the ref is lowering his hand at the same time. Mad.
  4. Football 17/18

    Fair comment. Exaggerated slightly but it's the same story of us (mostly) dominating a game yet still dropping points. Embarrassing defending yesterday. Good ball by Shelvey to be fair to him but there is no way that should have been allowed to happen. (You guys are looking good early on... hopefully it continues as I have money on you finishing above Everton )
  5. Football 17/18

    You can copy & paste the review of our matches every single week. Brilliant attacking goal. Terrible defending means we concede from the oppositions only shot. It's getting slightly boring now.
  6. The Gaming Thread

    Evening all! FINALLY got myself an Xbox One. For anyone that wants one - you'll have to act quickly as the FIFA part of this ends tomorrow but I've got a pretty good deal. Xbox One S 500GB. Forza 3 (with some expansion), Halo 5: Guardians and FIFA 18. £199. http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/tv-and-home-entertainment/gaming/gaming-consoles/microsoft-xbox-one-s-games-bundle-10170657-pdt.html?awc=1599_1506498786_368b12634cf1a9ae0b43cfa43df51567&srcid=369&xtor=AL-1&cmpid=aff~Console Deals~Comparison Engine~88269&awid=88269 (Horrendous looking link).
  7. Football 17/18

    I stand corrected That's what I get for picking 2 sports randomly without actually googling it! Take 2: You wouldn't get a darts player trying rugby for example....
  8. Football 17/18

    So what do we all make of Rio's decision to give Boxing a go? I can't help but feel people are taking the piss out of boxing a bit. Flintoff, McGregor and Ferdinand all giving it a go. Doesn't say much for the sport. You wouldn't see a retired footballer thinking he would give Tennis a go for example. All very strange.
  9. Glastocam!

    It says it all that even looking at a webcam of an empty farm (apart from the Pyramid structure of course) gives me shivers of excitement and loads of flashbacks of such happy memories. I'm going to take a lot of convincing that there is a more special place...
  10. Football 17/18

    Absolutely. As much as I dislike him.. Jose is very good at this. Steamroll the smaller teams, shut up shop against the other top teams.
  11. Clash regrets...I've got a few

    Just had a look. London, Birmingham and Manchester. I would love to see them to give them a go live but it would probably be quite difficult to convince one of my mates to travel with me from Cardiff for a band they've never heard of and might not like... especially as some of my friends have such different music tastes to me.
  12. Football 17/18

    Watching MOTD last night you'd swear Arsenal wiped the floor with Chelsea the way they finished the show. Saying how all credit should go to Arsenal and "tonight is about them". They drew. Granted they normally lose to other members of the Top 6 but c'mon. Basically celebrating the fact they got a draw and didn't get smashed?
  13. Clash regrets...I've got a few

    Jumping aboard the Confidence Man bandwagon! Never heard of them before that post and now slightly addicted.
  14. Acts you don't "get"

    Until this moment I had never heard anything by Kate Tempest. And from this moment I will never listen to anything from her again. Shit. Baffled.
  15. Football 17/18

    I got in late last night so didn't see the full story... what was the situation with the Koln fans at the Emirates? Did too many turn up without tickets or...? On a related note - from what I watched (heard?) last night their fans were FANTASTIC. Didn't stop singing..
  16. Football 17/18

    There is no way it will be reduced but I guess the argument is that there we 2 very similar challenges this year that didn't result in red cards?
  17. One month on...

    Exactly. It's awesome. For me personally, I haven't spent anywhere near enough time in SE Corner (Been on a few drunken stumbles around there but would ideally love a night where I'm not interested in any of the headliners and can go early to have a proper night there). Also Avalon area. Definitely need to explore those 2 areas a lot more. I spend a lot of time in The Park (probably my favourite area of the festival) but need to get around some of the others.
  18. One month on...

    The last few posts sum up Glasto for me. I've been the last 4 years running and I always see videos/pictures of other peoples experiences and I''ve never even seen the places they're referring to! Definitely feel like I did a lot more walking this year and still didn't get close seeing it all!
  19. Football 17/18

    I completely get what you mean from a progression point of view. Comfortably getting into the top 4 and a good run in the CL would definitely be progression. BUT. As a fan I want trophies. It's been a while. Players want trophies, not just top 4 finishes. I think I would sacrifice a run in the CL for a trophy as well as top 4.
  20. Football 17/18

    Predictions for this weekend then? Man City v Liverpool - Draw Arsenal v Bournemouth - Arsenal Brighton v WBA - Draw Everton v Tottenham - Tottenham Leicester v Chelsea - Chelsea Southampton v Watford - Southampton Stoke v United - United Burnley v Palace - Burnley Swansea v Newcastle - Draw West Ham v Huddersfield - Draw Wonder what odds I'll get on that...
  21. Football 17/18

    I think the Premier League have done this in the hope that other European leagues will follow suit. Which absolutely will not happen. This has definitely made things worse imo. Look at the Coutinho situation for example. If he had gone we wouldn't have been able to replace him...
  22. WWE

    WWE have finally found a way to get everyone to cheer Cena in putting him up against Reigns. The only face more disliked than him haha. I must admit I'm surprised they've used this match at a PPV as small as No Mercy, though. Arguably their 2 biggest stars in a first time match should be SummerSlam or WM matches.
  23. Football 17/18

    If we play anything like we did away to the big teams last season then we should do quite well. We tend to struggle defensively more against teams who knock the ball long or score from set pieces. Luckily Man City try to pass the ball a lot which suits our style off defending. Head: 2-1 City Heart: 2-0 LFC I find it hard to imagine us not scoring.
  24. Football 17/18

    Every trusted reporter, from both Spain and England, have said that all summer we have said we aren't selling Phil and never changed our stance on that. A lot of the "offer accepted" stories were put out there by Barcelona. They do it quite regularly, they did the same with Fabregas. It's nice to see them losing out for a change. Also saw that PSG are being investigated over the FFP rules. Will be amazed if anything comes of it.
  25. Football 17/18

    This is what I meant, I just worded it very badly haha. But I do see the other side of it as the last few posts have pointed out. Can't change the law/punishment just because he is famous/rich. Even if he is a massive bellend.