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  1. Going to the toilet during lessons.

    What a weird thread.
  2. WWE

    Lawrence Taylor headlined Mania in his first match and was respectable. Floyd Mayweather had a great match with Big Show in his only ever match. There are ways it can be done.
  3. Latitude 2018

    Interpol could *maybe* just about get away with headlining today. Those TOTBL shows sold out in minutes and it's been ages since they even played a UK festival. Glastonbury 2014 I think.
  4. WWE

    Enzo has also been released amid allegations of being a massive pain in the arse. Surely the rape story is the last straw? Alienated backstage, very much lived his gimmick and not in a good way, and now this? A case where the accuser has put the details all over twitter, seriously damaging the case. (I'm not saying he's innocent or guilty, just that due process isn't taking place) Rich Swann is 'only' indefinitley suspended, after all.
  5. The Gaming Thread

    I'm going to get Far Cry 5 as it looks incredible. After the shit which was Primal this should be back to normal. The one game I am getting, which won't surprise anyone who posted on the board eight or so years ago, is the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. Which might be a shameless cash in, but holy fuck. I love Street Fighter. I was playing SSF2 Turbo on an Arcade machine over Xmas, and to a certain extent, I still have 'it'. So I might have to get a PS4 for SFV as well.
  6. British Summer Time 2018

    It will sell out. Not only will The Cure draw, but the 00's nostagia and the showgaze crowd will show up as well. They'll be shocked when Interpol play mostly new stuff instead of TOTBL!
  7. British Summer Time 2018

    There's the lineup of the summer. Grand way to start next summers Interpol stalking.
  8. WWE

    2012 v Cena 2013 v Punk 2015 v Reigns 2016 v Reigns and Ambrose. Joe this year. The HITC against the Undertaker as well.
  9. Favourite venues

    Yup. Certainly fancy enough, and great fun on the floor with a decent crowd. I did both Foals gigs there in 2013. That was a fun day.
  10. Favourite venues

    The Gasometer in Vienna. Seen Arcade Fire and Interpol in there, and it always amuses me that it is an abandoned Gasworks. Metropolis in Montreal. Which is really tall but on the floor is very close to the stage. Knust in Hamburg and the skeleton that hangs off the wall. Den Atelier in Luxembourg. Which is a cracking small-medium sized venue with loud sound, and decent beer. Gebaude 9 in Cologne is a filthy venue in the best possible way. Run down, ragged, down and dirty. Darnforth Hall in Toronto. A decent sized old school musical theatre. Columbiahalle in Berlin needs to be mentioned. Zurich Volkhaus as well. And how could I forget Peyote in Instanbul? And the Barby Club in Tel Aviv???? On outdoor venues. A-38 Tent at Sziget The Forum in Vienna is class. It's this run down ampitheatre with all kinds of graffiti, old posters, and different food and drink options. Du Pont Arena in Abu Dhabi is surprisingly good for an outdoor venue. Saw Chemical Brothers there and the sound was fantastic. Well managed as well, especially in the Middle East where these things have a tendency to go wrong. In terms of just the UK Albert Hall Manchester, Brudenell, The Haunt in Brighton, Bristol Academy, Hull Welly, Sheffield Leadmill, The Cluny in Newcastle, and Hammersmith Apollo. Although lets be honest, London venues have never come close to The Astoria.
  11. New Order

    Tweets were deleted because lots of it was debunked/challenged by Elliot Eastwick apparently
  12. Sziget Festival 2017

    I'm heading off as well. I'm only doing the last day for Alt-J and Interpol. Before then I've got Interpol gigs in Prague, Vienna, Bucharest and Belgrade. So on the last day, if you see anyone wearing a Croatian football shirt waving a big EU flag with "INTERPOL" painted on it, that would be me. Have fun!
  13. Sziget Festival 2017

    And sold my ticket!
  14. Sziget Festival 2017

    I think the amount of tickets being sold on their is testament to how people view the lineup! I did see that on the post they made the other day about Clean Bandit and Rita Ora playing, it was just comment after comment about how poor it actually is. Also, only the 5 day pass is actually sold out. 7 day passes ten a penny it seems. Anyway, if anyone wants to make me an offer on a 7 day ticket... go for it.

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