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Adam L.

Glastonbury 1990

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Hey guys,
For research purposes for a fiction book I am currently writing, I am trying, but failing to get some specific info/answers about Glasto 1990 - even though I was lucky enough to be there myself that year, there are some things I can't remember, or wouldn't possibly know. I have tried the official Glastonbury website, but they can't help me...
What date exactly (within a week, or as near as possible) did tickets go on public sale and where for the 1990 festival? Has anyone get any old NMEs/diaries that might have this info?
What date exactly (within a week, or as near as possible) were The Cure announced/confirmed as a headline act for the 1990 festival?
Would it have been feasible for a person to use a converted VW camper van as a stall/outlet for selling ice creams with permission in the trade areas on site in 1990?
When would the said trade permission have to be applied for and granted timescale-wise for the 1990 festival? And would the seller (who is also a normal punter/ticket holder) have been sent/given a special pass or ticket in advance to show on the day and to access the trade areas/spots? Also, would they have to get set up on the Thursday before the weekend?
What was the general day by day weather that weekend of 1990 from Thursday through to Sunday?
Would really appreciate some help with any or all of these questions. Thank you so much in advance. Adam.

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Bumping this up, such a great question and project, I hope you can get it all answered. I didn’t start going until 1992, so can’t assist. It may be worth you putting it to the “chat” forum, it has more traffic and there are some old-timers (no offence) who may be able to help. 

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