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Travel to Creamfields from Nottingham

Guest Jess333

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Posted Today, 04:27 PM

Hi , sorry slight type error Capt._Buns its suppose to be over 40,000 attend the festival . I also agree with you Capt._Buns , there are hackney drivers from Liverpool and Manchester who charge " out of boundaries charge " which is totally wrong .

There are also unlicensed taxi charging upto £75 to go Liverpool or Manchester!

The cost from the stations should no more than £20.00 .

The cost after 11pm to go city centre Liverpool or Manchester should be around £45-£50 depending on location .

If you feel like Any taxi driver is over charging all you have to do is take his plate license no and name off his badge or reg and report to The licensing officer who is actually based during the day at the event .

Remember if you want to confirm Exactly how much your journey will be please e mail our web site.

www.lymmitedtaxis.co.uk We are controlled and regulated by Warrington Borough Council and have a unblemished record when it comes to our correct pricing .

Don't be ripped off ... Get a quote and if in doubt ask see the drivers bage no or report him to the near by taxi Marshall .

If anyone has any questions we are happy to advise.

Again sorry for the typo but in all last year the Cheshire Police and Warrington Highways calculated upto 40,000 visitors came to Warringon either to attend the event or involved .

We service the Darebury hotel , The De Vere Hotel and Park Royal amongst others. we received over 2,500 calls from Friday until the end of the festival .

To coin a "phrase as Capt_Buns said the out of town hackneys are "bullshitting "... ,

Hope this helps



Base Manager



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