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  1. I had an inkling The Wildhearts might have made an appearance for some reason, before their latest hiatus. Or maybe I was just being hopeful!
  2. Plenty enough to satisfy me, but not a stellar lineup (for me). It's just tastes, mine haven't changed much for 20 odd years and there's probably lots of really good acts in the lineup, but I'm just not up to date. I'm not interested in the likes of Billie, Lamar & Simz and more in the metal/rock/indie camp. Never been to Glasto based on the lineup and have plenty of acts on the list to try out. Already found a few new ones!
  3. Yeah, the apps are handy and I know it's easy to drop the bread from a burger etc but got me wondering if anyone had a 'go to' stall or whatever. It's all very new to me and I'm sure I'll find what works anyway. It's a very good point about the additional exercise but don't think I can take extra tablets as I'm on the maximum dose currently. As you say, it's only a week and guess so long as I avoid obviously high sugar/carb stuff it'll be alright I wonder if there's places that sell cereals for breakfast and salads for lunch. Not things I've ever historically looked for at festivals!!
  4. I've been going to Glasto for the past 18 years, but I've recently been diagnosed as being type 2 diabetic. I've never been a big sugar consumer but quite a heavy drinker (though that's reduced). What do other T2 diabetics eat and drink at the festival? I tend now to drink gin and slimline tonic so will take plenty of that probably, but what are the alternatives to buy on site? Food wise, I've never really took notice of low carb and low/free of sugar options. Ideally, I want to avoid taking loads of my own food so would be grateful to learn of any options.
  5. jono_01

    Taylor Swift

    Really not my thing at all but as others have said, hopefully there are some viable alternatives for closing the festival at other stages. I'm certain there will be.
  6. When I did this and tried again it said my registration had been used to buy a ticket. Reckon I've been lucky ? Or just 'locked' registration?
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