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  1. I managed to broker a deal with my parents to have our three year old for the duration - so if it gets pulled I'll probably be depressed for a year.
  2. This is my thinking, too - that they are going to embargo any further detail until they know more about how the outlook looks, so-to-speak.
  3. So why the extended field? It sure isn’t for any of the announced names....
  4. The speedboat might come in handy the way the weather's going currently.
  5. Oh look, there's even a stage for the Manics
  6. Evening all! This Pyramid Stage field malarkey has had me thinking, given it’s the 50th and all. I know it’s nigh on impossible, but what if there were two Pyramid stages built - one next to the other. This way you could, theoretically at least, have more bands due to easier changeovers etc - though I appreciate it’s a zany idea and highly unlikely. It ain’t Download, after all!
  7. Poster hype is very real, my friend
  8. Does Berocca count as good?
  9. I saw them at Bluedot, they were really good. The sound was unreal, too
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