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  1. Got shafted by the queue system. Will have to try again tomoz. Assume you got let in dead on 10?
  2. Kendrick is gunna do a “Beyoncé Coachella ‘18” and spend a whole year perfecting a one-off spectacular. Use that to springboard into a new album / era. Sorted.
  3. On that wording she’s ruled out purely by calendar: Glastonbury is before 1st and 2nd of July.
  4. No - I want Kenny - I’m not upset 😂 I was just wondering if it actually mattered or not seeing as he was Friday in 2020. E.g. Sat the big day for TV, Sunday a band the locals like etc.
  5. So she’s taken Kenny’s Friday slot… can he really fit as a Sat or Sun headliner? Does that even matter? So many questions!
  6. Made a great 50 min playlist out this earlier today. For sure, there is a great album in here. Needed a producer who’d say no to him.
  7. This is SOOOOOO fucking good.
  8. Radiochicken


    Exactly my point, leave those preconceptions and fanbase scrutiny at the door and judge a release on its own merits. 😉 This one ain’t for me, but for others it’ll hit the mark.
  9. Radiochicken


    A crude test when an artist does something a little bit different is to ask yourself: if you heard this from a nobody newcomer, would you still give a shit?
  10. Radiochicken


    This is big fat no, I’m afraid. Tying to be clever and all wink wink, lands at dull.
  11. You say that but they could ‘easily’ schedule it so you don’t have to given: a) there isn’t that many acts. b) 2 ‘main stages’ on site. c) And they’ve nearly managed it on Friday…
  12. And the best version of Wake Up soon after. They really were great. I remember half my mates went to see Pendulum; regret expressed years later.
  13. Love how ever so slightly “off” Little Things sounds.
  14. In denial at no Kendrick. so. they can “co-headline” right?
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