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  1. 2009- Bruce, Neil Young, Blur and a cracking line up 2010 - blazing sun, the hold steady, slash and Ray Davies 2008 - I know I had a good time but have very little memory of what happened due to purple crystals
  2. If she's anything like my 2 girls you'll be spending the majority of your time in the kidzfield which is no bad thing. You'll have a blast and so will your little girl, enjoy.
  3. To be honest i'm just going by the clashfinder so if there's no clash i'll be very happy, although imagine it will just create another clash somewhere else as the line up is great for me this year. Good problems to have though!
  4. The National/Cat Empire (struggling with this clash) BC Camplight Baxter Dury Mary Wallopers Cyndi Lauper
  5. I remember walking up the hill to Strummerville with my father in law to see Frank Turner a few years back, we got side-tracked by a guy doing a wood carving and got chatting to him and his friends. As good West Country lads the conversation quickly turned to cider and one of the blokes said he brewed his own and would we like to try some, a few pints of rough later and we realised we'd missed Franks set but had a lovely time nonetheless, there's always something to distract you from your plans at Glastonbury.
  6. Saw Big Special at Strange Brew in Bristol last night and they were ace, best gig I've been to in ages. Brilliant rapport with the crowd and they played the new album from start to finish which was cool. I've seen Adrianne Lenker and Bruce in the last couple of weeks which were both awesome gigs but Big Special topped them all. Definitely worth catching in the Leftfield at Glastonbury.
  7. Neverneverland


    Their latest album is ace! Back on '74 is a banger, been listening to it today in the sunshine.
  8. We managed to get Wednesday coach tickets from Taunton in the resale a few years back and it was the 15:45 coach. It did seem that the majority of people that I spoke to on the coach had all got their tickets in the resale.
  9. You're about 6 months away from making a noise when you get up out of a chair.
  10. My mate does the breakfast show on radio Bristol and says they’ve got a Glastonbury announcement between 8-8:30 this morning
  11. Bristolian here. They’re my favourite pies
  12. I paid £500 in 2016 for a villagers ticket, i heard they were going for £750 this year. They will all be snapped up well in advance too.
  13. We took our 4 & 6 year old this year for their first time, they've done lots of other smaller festivals but was a bit apprehensive about taking them to the big one! They had an absolute blast and although as parents you miss out on things you'd normally do or bands you'd plan to see we instead saw parts of the festival we just would never have been to if we didn't have the kids with us. Definitely will be taking them again next year if the ticket gods allow.
  14. Or you could find a cider farm on your route in and get a couple of flagons of the ruff stuff, supporting the local economy at the same time. Everybody wins.
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