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  1. Would love that to be true. One of the bands I have wanted to see for a long long time and never have.
  2. Surely not, would be one big kick in the teeth to those while rolled over their tickets. if they are that price it will be a sober weekend for many then I would imagine haha
  3. So looks like Spinn have been added in replacement then. would have liked the snuts to have been promoted to main stage but hey ho
  4. Used to be pats downs and hand held metal detectors. can only presume it will be the same but given COVID who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. I would definitely see the snuts over dizzee personally. I keep missing magic gang myself and is a clash for me too, but I look at it as would I buy tickets to see one? Probably wouldn’t buy tickets just to see royal blood, but would like to see them live so that makes my mind up. my other clash is blossoms and vistas, again always miss vistas so might take the plunge this year and see them
  6. Yeah I have a dietary requirement but usually can just about scrape through tramlines with buying food there. it’s stuff for the little one I am more concerned about this year with it being her first tramlines
  7. I hope we can take certain things in, need to take snacks for the little one in. Can’t expect toddlers to eat rubbish all weekend…or can they? 🤔
  8. I am wondering when we will get the email from gigantic asking for details of each person going. the email said early part of last week we would get it but not got anything as yet
  9. 100% agree with those that say it is a weaker line up, however as I said previously COVID times means they have to get bands who can play rather than go all out for those that come from far and wide to play. Not too fussed about the streets. I am more than up for royal blood . And super grass were great when I saw them about 9/10 years ago…a fun band to watch. but more importantly for me is we get to see live music, so I for one will be enjoying every band I see whether it is someone I particularly want to see or just seeing as there is nothing else I fancy watching. I will enjoy being around fellow people who are also out to enjoy the occasion for what it is after being deprived of festivals for so long now. as well as this I am going to fully enjoy taking my daughter to her first ever festival…so for this and all the reasons above regardless of the line up it is going to be one hell of a party and I cannot wait!
  10. I certainly hope they are able to replace him. He was a major pull for the Sunday in an already pretty disappointing line up for me. although I totally understand it’s going to be difficult to pull great line ups out of the bag every year and especially this year given the current situation with COVID. I am just more than happy to be able to go and listen to live music again with fellow festival goers so although the line up isn’t outstanding in my opinion I will still be making the most of it all
  11. Was hoping for a few teaser posts from tramlines, similar to the old cards they used to send out to give clues to the acts....still time I guess
  12. Hope not libertines were terrible in 2017, stereophonics were good but can’t see them back after only a few years. still looks like Richard Ashcroft, royal blood and the streets can’t see past that at the moment. prefer it to be two others with royal blood, but at end of the day I would be happy who ever it is, within reason of course, just so long as it is live music again
  13. I still think Richard Ashcroft, royal blood and streets to headline. kooks, DMAs in uk for other gigs in July still could be on bill, as well as snuts, fratellis, and few other from 2020 line up still there
  14. Must say I was hyped to see libertines when they headlined in 2017 but they were poor, the sound quality was rubbish and didn’t feel they put on much of a headline worthy show
  15. Wouldn’t mind it if it was Richard Ashcroft, royal blood and the streets. Still holding out out a hope for the strokes (I know very unlikely). Think DMA’s will still sub as they are in uk for dates in July so while they are over here why not. Can see the kooks and fratellis back in this line up. The snuts for that Lewis capaldi timed slot from a couple of years ago. Would like to see vistas, kawala, sundara karma back on the bill as well as the last royals and wolf gang.
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