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  1. Interested to see who Latitude book
  2. The retweet from earlier (since now deleted) was from the start of the month and was about someone saying that we used to not get much of a lineup before March. Whilst they were agreeing with what they were saying I cant help but think there is something coming shortly
  3. Will be interesting to see Szigets second wave today
  4. Are you ignoring the headliners last year were people like Tyga and Jack Harlow. Bbno$ is nowhere near that size
  5. Seems like a odd booking to make but one thats possible, why no leeds on the site though?
  6. I think we will get the lineup end of this month/start of next month
  7. First time really paying attention to Little Simz she definitely deserves her slot
  8. That BMTH & Ed performance has me questioning a lot of things
  9. Yes sorry my lunch break was finishing i was in a rush
  10. Could see Anne Marie being added on Reading Friday, Leeds Sunday
  11. Could we see the announcement being half term time for the students (Next week- Week after)
  12. Any chance we see KSI back this summer?
  13. Could we see something like Billie Eilish /Royal Blood The Weeknd/ Doja Cat Eminem/ Paramore
  14. 🚨PSA to anyone whos instalment declined Tweet @TicketmasterCS they can then give you the number for the payment line. They just took my money.
  15. Has anyones installment plan payment been declined. Just had an email stating they couldnt take money out of the bank. I have close to 3k in my bank?
  16. I think this is possible but I’d probably switch Becky out for Charli XCX
  17. Doja seemingly can be wiped out due to being announced for another June european fest
  18. Wonder whether the plan for R&L is not book Doja this year and give her a headline slot next year
  19. Whens everyones predictions for the next announcement?
  20. Really glad to see Doja on a lineup but not so sure she can be put anywhere on R&Ls. Think its much more likely that its a wireless headliner
  21. With with the announcement coming I do think Reading and Leeds will follow suit in the coming weeks (start of the month)
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