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  1. For sure no questions asked. One of the biggest names on the poster. He wouldnt fit a tent after last year
  2. Question- Does anyone know how much Day Tickets are for Parklife are? I have a show in London one of the days but could potentially go up for the other day
  3. How big will this announcement be? Im thinking maybe 70 new names?
  4. When are we thinking for the next lineup announcement?
  5. Given I have tickets to see 5 US acts this year- Bloody hope there will be mate. Totally stupid to believe there will be no US acts about
  6. I thought the same apart from the headliners and the top row there wasnt much this year that blew me away unlike some years where i couldnt believe the size of act in small text
  7. Id take a guess that theres a Doja Cat UK exclusive in that set of headliners
  8. Are we thinking a lineup announcement end of January?
  9. I’d love to see The Weeknd 2023 headline- His new album is really good
  10. Parklife lineup dropping this month
  11. Simple answer- Not 8 months prior to the festival
  12. Yeah theres very few logo MSW acts so I’d imagine we will be getting those next announcement. I dont think theres gonna be any other special guests other than Jack Harlow which is already announced
  13. Whilst I dont think ArrDee or JXDN will be the logo names, I do think there are still a couple logo names to come
  14. Cant see Madison Beer being pushed up to a mainstage slot- Im a fan of her music and am seeing her at Manchester Academy in April, but after the response on socials last year I cant see her being anywhere but the Dance Stage (where she was originally scheduled for)
  15. They are being paid enough to do a one off it will all be ok
  16. Think theres got to be some more rap/pop representation on mainstage than is there right now- who are some plausible names for it?
  17. They've seemingly hit there new demographic fully and understand what they want. And this year bringing back the big names the rock/indie crowd want. Its destined for success
  18. Im excited and interested to see who gets added next because of how well the festival sold
  19. For sure. She has the songs and stage presence to do it. But 3 headliner setup I wouldnt be interested by her being on the bill
  20. Halsey is an artist thats nice to see on the lineup and someone I'll see but not someone who I can imagine people would buy a ticket because shes there
  21. First time getting an instalment plan do they just take the money every month on the card of the original purchase?
  22. How many mainstage acts are left to be filled do we think?
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