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  1. Hungover today, hope the world ends.
  2. Kids these days need to be educated on who the real GOAT of Formula 1 is. None of this Senna or Schumacher nonsense.
  3. Tribes aren't in big enough font. Fake.
  4. Due to the high volumes of hate mail sent to our offices, we have taken the difficult decision to suspend all pizza polls indefinitely. We would like to apologise to all those affected and thank everyone who took part.
  5. I'm glad this thread is being taken as seriously as it is. It is no light-hearted matter.
  6. Glad you're on the mend mate. Are you an Aldershot fan per chance?
  7. What happened to that Will poster on here? He was quite funny but I haven't seem him post in ages.
  8. When did Jack & Jones get into pharmaceuticals?
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