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  1. just saying muse have been talking about doing a special show to celebrate the release of their boxset thing "origin of muse" COULD we be looking at a reading 2011 type thing?
  2. considering schools have now been shut i don’t honestly know what to expect it seems like the government are finally waking up and realising this is serious lets just try and hold out a bit of hope
  3. shit then i guess we’ll wait and see then, tonight boris is supposed to be announcing a few more laws. i guess we’ll have to see how good they are either way, F
  4. they COULD just open the tour with reading that would be sick
  5. listen glastonbury’s (probably) cancelled because it’s in June reading is right at the end of august if the government put a ban on mass events and implement social distancing, it’ll be for a few months yes but it will more than likely stop in mid july/early august, meaning reading would technically still be able to go ahead, touchwood i don’t want to be optimistic but i don’t want to give up hope completely. then again i probably should so i can avoid being disappointed lmfao
  6. i genuinely believe the social distancing stuff, if the government brings it in, will be over before reading whether fr still go ahead with it is another question but still
  7. reading is literally the only thing i have to look forward to this year i can’t see it getting cancelled if it’s right at the arse end of august and they’re putting all these measures in place which will end in like, june/july
  8. let’s hope society learns something from this i mean, we all know it won’t, but we can hope
  9. not sure if this has been posted here yet but coachella has been pushed back to autumn due to covid-19 https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/03/10/entertainment/coachella-postponed-coronavirus/index.html not sure when the official announcement is out but this is big guess we won’t be seeing any rage live-streams until reading if it still goes ahead
  10. reading won’t close lmfao the only reassurance i have is that it’s right at the end of August, i just hope that’s enough time for either it to go away, or the government to figure out a way of stopping it
  11. this was the email “Coronavirus Update At this time, Reading Festival is going ahead as planned. Please be assured that the safety and health of all staff and visitors is our main priority and we are implementing recommendations and instructions appropriately. We are closely monitoring official guidance from the World Health Organisation, Public Health England, UK Government, local public health authorities and are working with event promoters and organisers as information evolves. If you are attending, please follow the most up to date information on the Coronavirus that is available at: World Health Organisation UK Government NHS” there were links at the bottom
  12. yeah reckon it should be alright by august, in warmer countries like india and parts of africa its not really spreading touchwood though, i’m not a microbiologist lmfao
  13. i reckon he is, he’s blown up a fair bit since then
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