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  1. honestly i’m surprised it’s not been advertised more in the news, rage are coming back to england for the first time in 10 years and i haven’t heard a peep
  2. reading mate, and i’m travelling from essex
  3. fellas my friends are refusing to get an early bird but i really want one because i don’t wanna be camping next to a toilet lmfao what do
  4. the guy from muse once rhymed soon with direction, and wrote the line "you're an ocean i'm an oil slick." however, their music still bangs lyrics don't have to be mind-blowingly amazing for the song to be good lmfao
  5. it’d be the last reading festival led by FR lmfao
  6. killing in the name of a good view nah it would be a reaaaally fucking bad move to restrict half the arena
  7. i’m a bit like, conflicted yeah i’m going and i’m looking forward to it because i know it’ll be mad but a lot of people i know aren’t going because this lineups just a bit w*nk tbh lmfao
  8. i thought that was the sound/lighting deck lmao
  9. yeah especially at a band like rage fuck they’d probably stop playing and call for people to come forward lmfao
  10. but! i’m still happy that i’m gonna see rage against the fucking machine
  11. yeah you right if you had to pay to go near the front then it’d be all over the social media still though
  12. like i wanna wait and see how big that section is before getting too angry, but if it’s the whole fucking front barrier then like...what
  13. i’m glad you pointed that out, i’m pretty sure no one realised that this is a thing now actually fucked, FR are fucking stupid man i hope it’s just a really small section
  14. that’s acc fucked when they realise there’s no one up front because no ones gonna pay half the price they paid to go for the weekend just to be there, i’m sure it’ll get changed
  15. seriously? wtf has it been like this the last couple of years or is it a new thing
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