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  1. Anyone want 2 face value weekend tickets?
  2. That's so poor. Clearly blown their budget so Melvin can indulge himself
  3. RATM does not a good lineup make. Booking Stormzy on the back of the tour was cheap & easy, and Liam solo isn't interesting at all. And if that's the undercard, then the lineup is weak, with or without RATM.
  4. Lol. Liam is the disappointing headliner out of the three.
  5. What are you searching for to bring this up?
  6. Hard Disagree. Last years undercard & headliners were the best in years. ADTR/Frank Carter/Ymas/Billie...it goes on
  7. I think RATM have cost them a lot & the undercard is going to be poor. One more headliner, no co-headliners, no BMTH, no MCR? Unless Reading are somehow pulling out lineups like they used to full of names and legends on one bill 🙃
  8. Anyone think Blink-182 could Sub or do Radio 1 slot, based on Mark Hoppus' photos?
  9. @Dan Wilcox everyone will give you a £1 if you drop the poster* *maybe
  10. If getting RATM means we get shit subs like Migos, then no thanks.
  11. Someone drop the Reading poster. I'm at work at 9am and we now have 2 headliners, might as well... 🙃
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