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  1. 1) 35 2) McCartney, Swift, Diana Ross, Supergrass, Carl Cox and Kinks (they seem unlikely but still on the rumours list). 3) Tom Waits and Pink Floyd, closely followed by Rolling Stones.
  2. Unfortunately none of those available on that link. Inflatable ones seem to cost a fair bit more, do you think it was worth the extra money? For Glastonbury I was thinking of bringing a sack trolley to help get it to wherever we decide to camp. I remember the hassle of carrying beer and a heavy tent across the festival 10+ years ago when I was younger and fitter so don't fancy doing that again! All the other festivals I do are very small so shouldn't cause any really problems.
  3. No problem! I think that feedback is enough for me to go ahead and buy it, cheers!
  4. I think this is a version with the Fresh & Black material. There's another without it which I assume is the one you mean. Was the heat the only major issue with your one?
  5. Does anyone have the Arpenaz 4.1? https://www.decathlon.co.uk/arpenaz-41-freshblack-family-camping-tent-4-man-id_8492957.html Starting some Glasto prep and need a new tent after mine gave up at another festival last year. A search through these forums shows Quechua seem to be a favourite brand. Haven't been to Glasto for 10 years though so any pro's / con's more regular attendees can spot would be appreciated!
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