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  1. Privatise the royal family. If anyone wants to give them money they can do it on the royal go fund me. You could even set up an option as to which family member you want to give to. If you think princess Beatrice deserves money for nowt then knock yourself out and the rest of us can feel good knowing that she is not getting any of our hard earned money. Everybody would be happier
  2. Let's do it in Coventry, they could do with some more tourist money
  3. It makes sense doesn't it? They are not going to have a big rock act on the same time as McCartney
  4. Lorde or Doja cat are most likely headlining the other which would make Charli XCX more likely for the Sunday
  5. My great claim to fame is I got into a fight with Ardal O'Hanlon's cousin in school
  6. I suppose it's expecting too much to have Will Smith, Kanye and O.J Simpson to appear just for one song
  7. You're right. She was born in Ireland and lives in Canada. The Irish takeover becomes stronger. I hope it emerges that Paul Heaton is also Irish
  8. It's my understanding that Kendrick's sets are pretty short. With the heart part 5, a new double album and his back catalogue surely we will get at least a 2 hour set from him. What do y'all reckon?
  9. Breadless Semidry deserves to be a band
  10. Irish folk taking over on the Friday Mary Coughlan, Brian Kennedy, Hothouse Flowers, the Undertones and Irish Mythen who is actually Canadian but we are a broad church
  11. I'm sure it will make sense within the context of the album but the crown of thrones raises a few alarm bells. What if his success has got to him and he now thinks he is Jesus? Probably not but we will have to wait and see
  12. The misfits! It's always heart-warming to see original members of bands make up after so long. Money the cause of and solution to all band break ups.
  13. I didn't know about the brand new guy until I read that and I know someone in all time low has been accused of something. Who are the others?
  14. This article is all over the place. It lists 3 people accused of inappropriate sexual behaviour with minors, I'm not counting the bright eyes singer as the accuser admitted they made it up and bright eyes is not pop punk It then mentions some lyrics by other artists who not been accused of inappropriate behaviour and all these lyrics are relatively tame. Then it quotes a now deleted blog that generalises all men involved in pop punk want only young girls in the scene so they can pray on them. And we are suppose to gleam from this that the pop punk scene as a whole is a hunting ground for sexual misconduct https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_pop-punk_bands Here is Wikipedia's list of notable pop punk bands. If you add up all the people that have ever been in all the bands and compare the total figure to all those in said bands accused of inappropriate sexual behaviour with minors. You'd have to conclude this article is bullshit
  15. You have to listen to the notes they are not playing
  16. I was wondering who that was
  17. Robbie williams would be amazing in the legends slot, he seems destined to do it one day. Maybe next year is too soon for him though
  18. On her poster she is down for two days at Glastonbury so she could be playing twice.
  19. Seems like you are just a troll but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and dignify your comment with an answer. Saying you hate an artist without any context of what you like is meaningless to others. If someone says they hate the clash and it turns out they don't like any punk music that is not interesting in the slightest but if they like the sex pistols and the Ramones; people will be interested in their reasoning. If you don't like any hop hop no one cares that you don't like Kendrick. If you do like hip hop, tell us who you like and why you don't like Kendrick
  20. Just curious who are your favourite rappers?
  21. A lot of us certainly hope so. They've played the festival a few times before so that puts them in good stead. Naysayers will point out that Al Doyle when asked if they are playing this year and he said no. However that was quite a while ago and possibly before he knew about the London gigs. Some have said if Al Doyle did know about playing Glastonbury and lied about it it makes him a man of great integrity. So maybe gage your level of hope on how much integrity you think Al Doyle has.
  22. Let's not forget he gets to perform from inside a giant mechanical spider. If Calvin is anything like me this will be a dream come true, a dream he has held since he saw the Wicki-Wicki-Wild Wild West starring Will Smith. That's reason enough to pick Arcadia over the other stage
  23. Check out their remix of temporary secretary. Sound of the Summer
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