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  1. That's a great and varied line up with a nice poster design. Not sure what Despacio all weekend long is but it sounds intriguing.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-59502745 'It's called sotrovimab, and scientists say preliminary checks suggest it should work well even against new variants such as Omicron'
  3. Fuck I hope muse is not a replacement for kendrick lamar or paul mccartney
  4. Haim, Wolf Alice, St Vincent and big thief playing at the same time seems unlikely
  5. It is odd. People like it because a lot of country is derived from Irish folk. Also Daniel O'Donnell has to take a lot of the blame. There is now a subgenre called 'country and Irish'
  6. I'm doing my act for the first time next year on the croissant neuf stage which I am delighted about but only an egotistical maniac would think they will be headlining Glastonbury within 8 years. By 2035 there is a distinct possibility sure but 2030 no chance
  7. Guys all this infighting and talk of class division, can't you see this is exactly what Doja Cat wants us to do? She is playing us like a fiddle!
  8. I think people are not excited enough by this pill becoming readily available https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-59163899
  9. As this forum's official dadrock expert, I can confirm this is true. Any rock act that shares similarities to any rock music that is over 20 years old is dadrock
  10. If it's grindcore then we know George Ezra is booked
  11. Can you tell us the genre's of the acts booked for West Holts so we can fun guessing who they might be?
  12. What are you thoughts on queen and queens of the stoneage who named their bands long before this overdue trend?
  13. Now that the gig is over how soon will it be before his new album comes out?
  14. In 15 years Courtney Barnett will be dad rock. There is no escape
  15. Yes every rock act that is over twenty years old is
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