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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55307552 some top quality Swift punning here
  2. https://www.loudandquiet.com/podcasts/idles-midnight-chats-episode-94/ At 23.43 on this podcast the Idles singer says they will be playing Glastonbury He then says it was a joke but I don't think it was
  3. https://www.ticketmaster.ie/venueartist/198259/2135468?did=elaserp&camefrom=GLSIDLES_2021 pre-sale link for the Dublin gigs
  4. Could someone be really kind and post the pre-sale link?
  5. I agree an introduction probably would have helped a lot. Damon probably never made that mistake again
  6. If it's true the crowd didn't know/care about the guests then shame on them and I don't think Gorillaz should be blamed for that. Naturally I'm not including the little dragon singer here as I think it's perfectly reasonable to not care about her appearance
  7. I always thought it was really impressive that they managed to get Snoop Dog, De La Soul, Mark E Smith, Lou Reed, Bobby Womack, Shaun Ryder, the little dragon singer and Bootie Brown on such short notice
  8. I hope I'm wrong but I think they will not release any of the line up until after the remaining tickets are sold in October
  9. crap line-up? You must be trippin. The line up included: Paul Simon, Tame Impala, B.B. King, Wu-Tang Clan, Master Musicians of Joujouka, Fleet Foxes, Bright Eyes, The Kills, Queens of the Stone Age, Eels, DJ Shadow, the streets, Battles, the horrors, warpaint, Robyn, Everything Everything, Caribou, Janelle Monáe, Nicolas Jaar, big boi, Jimmy Cliff, Kool & the Gang. Plus Radiohead and Pulp had secret sets
  10. Also, would it surprise anyone if Kasabian's next album was a success with hit singles?
  11. What's the significance of the acts in yellow?
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