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  1. IIIIIIIIIIIIN THREE! with the front man from blur she does not concur... it's Taylor Swift
  2. No it's my opinion that what he said is not misogynist and the arguements I've read on here have not changed my mind. I don't know if all the people here who have argued against you are male, lots of people don't state their gender in the little bio below their picture. Maybe only women should determine what is and isn't misogynist then by default you would be correct as I am male but we will leave it there.
  3. How do you know it is completely 100% true that Taylor Swift writes her songs? You are not a witness to her doing it. There is the film showing her writing songs but that could have been staged. I believe she does write her own songs but if scientists cannot say with 100% certainty evolution is real what can any of us say is true to 100% certainty? However my main gripe is that what was said is not misogynist and I don't think your gross generalisation between the difference between men and women is a good counterpoint
  4. If he genuinely believed that she doesn't write her own songs but partakes in the practice of insisting on a writing credit it's not libellous. Even if it was libellous it doesn't prove that what he was saying was misogynist.
  5. He called her a fantastic singer and mentioned her as an example of someone who didn't write their own songs but still made great music
  6. I can't comprehend how it is not a low bar if he genuinely believed she does not really write her own songs but rather insists on a writing credit (a practice we know goes on in music and probably to a larger extent than most of us are aware) and whilst he is explaining this he praises two other women Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Eilish.
  7. If what he said is a misogynist comment, if the bar is that low, how can we all avoid saying something misogynist the rest of our lives? Other than not saying anything critical about individual women ever again? I'm not being rhetorical here I am genuinely asking
  8. gigpusher gave a definition because I had previously said 'Misogyny is a hatred or contempt for women.' My definition did not mention ingrained prejudice Let's not get nasty
  9. Have you ever said something factually inaccurate about another person? If so, does that make you prejudice against whatever group or groups that person happens to be in?
  10. Misogyny is a hatred or contempt for women. Based solely on this excerpt from an interview where he praises the song writing of one woman he doesn't know and mischaracterises the song writing of another woman he doesn't know I can't see how you can conclude he was being misogynist. If you met someone who praises my bloody valentine but said they don't like U2 and think they don't write their own songs would you assume they have a hatred or contempt for Irish people?
  11. But he also praises Billie Eilish, who is also a famous woman, for her song writing. Does this not detract from your misogynistic argument?
  12. We should all be grateful that Swifties are not as rampant about Taylor Swift as Evangelical Christians in the 60's were about Jesus
  13. The reason they were asking about popstars is to get a quote like this
  14. Is it possible Albarn has spoke to directly some of the co-writers of Swift's songs or other people in the music who have spoke to the co-writers and this is what he's been told?
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