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  1. So her label dropped her because she didn't want to voice her opinion. One thing is clear she is certainly a Mark and not a Jeremy. I really didn't like the inflammatory language Serge at Clone is using ''Putin-esque expressions' as if the reader is suppose to think short replies is actual evidence of guilt. This talk of 'USSR sentiments.' I know she posted a picture of Berlin just after the USSR toppled Nazism. Russians are very proud of winning WW2 so I don't see that as being untoward. I assume we can all agree that the USSR beating Hitler is a good thing Are there other USSR sentiments she made that are more sinister? Is she on record of being in favour of the gulags or KGB? This is a genuine question
  2. But what if the other festivals and her record labels used the same reductive reasoning as 'there ain't no smoke without fire?' What if they are craven and dropped her for fear of a backlash irregardless if she is pro-putin and/or pro-war or not?
  3. let's dump her in some water. If she floats she is pro-putin and the war and we will burn her at the stake. If she drowns she is anti-putin and the war. She may be dead but she will have won over some strangers on the the internet
  4. You are being misleading here. She was in favour of an oligarch being imprisoned for corruption. Putin pardoned him and up until the start of the Ukraine war he was living the highlife in Switzerland and England The Nadia claims are hearsay
  5. Let's be honest most of y'all would be Marks. I'm pretty sure I'd be a Jeremy though
  6. This is true but it doesn't apply in every situation. Sometimes the oppression of the bad people is so overwhelming that speaking out will not help. It's all well and good putting yourself at risk but putting loved ones at risk too is another matter
  7. Maybe they should and Nina can explain her actual opinion in private away from the prying ears of the Russian state police
  8. Do you know Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs? So good they named them 7 times! Truth stage, Thursday
  9. Privatise the royal family. If anyone wants to give them money they can do it on the royal go fund me. You could even set up an option as to which family member you want to give to. If you think princess Beatrice deserves money for nowt then knock yourself out and the rest of us can feel good knowing that she is not getting any of our hard earned money. Everybody would be happier
  10. Let's do it in Coventry, they could do with some more tourist money
  11. It makes sense doesn't it? They are not going to have a big rock act on the same time as McCartney
  12. Lorde or Doja cat are most likely headlining the other which would make Charli XCX more likely for the Sunday
  13. My great claim to fame is I got into a fight with Ardal O'Hanlon's cousin in school
  14. I suppose it's expecting too much to have Will Smith, Kanye and O.J Simpson to appear just for one song
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