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  1. Good stuff...I think one of three things has to happen before we see a return to big festivals 1) A vaccine is widely available 2) Much better treatment options or 3) The virus plays itself out (mutates to a less deadly format). I just don't see the current medical situation and social distancing options working for big festivals/concerts. All-in-all, 2021 is possible but I wouldn't bet my life savings on it. That said, I do think we will figure it out at some point. On a positive note... https://www.theatlantic.com/culture/archive/2020/05/dave-grohl-irreplaceable-thrill-rock-show/611113/?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  2. Out of curiosity, during the festival, what's the best way to find out about Secret Sets?
  3. First time for us this year and we were lucky enough to score tickets with the coach package. We were even luckier and got into the ticket site early enough to have options on the ride times. We are traveling from the states and had some flexibility but ended up picking Weds DEP 07:00 RET 04:00 from/to London. In my over excited NA brain, I translated that to 7:00 AM leave, 4:00 PM return (because who would actually leave at 4:00 AM?) Looking at it afterwards, I realize now that the times are 24hr format which would mean a 4:00 AM return. Not a return time that I would have picked, given other options. My questions would be: How strict are they on the return rides? i.e. do they care if we show up later that morning on Monday? If we completely bail on the return (don't really care about the money -vs- sleeping in on Mon), is it that hard to book some type of one way return to London from the festival later in the day? Definitely a first world problem to have. Worse case, we just won't go to bed and hang out at the festival until the original departure time.
  4. Mash2

    Neil Peart

    As a teenager I grew up in America but spent several summers in the late 70's in Toronto living with my Grandmother, Rush was a big part of my early musical education. I first saw them at the CNE in Toronto in 1977. They were touring on A Farewell to Kings and also played the entire 2112 album. It was right as they were breaking out as large scale headliners and were playing to their home crowd. They crushed the set and I was hooked for life. I saw them several time after that and always loved their shows. The biggest thing about Rush is how well they played as a group. For a 3 piece, they were amazing, both for their technical chops and their ability to play with/off of each other. Peart was a big part of that and a true virtuoso drummer. I was sincerely hoping to catch them one more time on a reunion tour but that will never happen now. RIP Neal..and thanks!
  5. Found this link, making some suggestions. 2020 will be our first year, so I can't vouch for any of these but thought I would pass the link along: https://burnessie.com/2019/05/09/essential-eats-glastonbury-2019/
  6. Secondary factors play a big role with this question...i.e. if its hot in the day, but it cools down at night then its much easier to live with than if its hot day and night. Likewise, its worse if it rains all the time and you can never get dry/clean. Heat with Humidity is terrible and rain combined with cold weather is even worse. In the end, I think its what you are used to and knowing how to cope. Was at a festival a couple years ago and it was 34+ for multiple days, humid with almost no shade (other than man made). Was hard but manageable. But, that type of weather is not that unusual where I live and it doesn't really bother me. Knowing that I prefer the heat, I'm sure we are getting rain/mud next year.
  7. That would certainly be hot but maybe not extreme (unless you combined it with heavy humidity). Its not unusual to be at summer festivals here where its over 90/32 and some of the festivals out west can get hotter. Have to be smart about liquids and taking some breaks but its manageable. Will definitely take that level of heat over mud any day.
  8. Just curios as a first timer coming from the states....how hot is "extreme heat"?
  9. Mash2

    Kendrick Lamar

    Seen him twice...first time was in 2013 while I was sitting in-line waiting to see The National at Bonnaroo. Didn't know his music then, but thought it was a great show. Next time was in 2015 when he was "sort of" touring on TPAB. That show was good, but was a bit of a let down because he didn't play hardly any TPAB (maybe 1 song?) despite it being out for months. Its been a while since I've seen him, so I'd be really interested in seeing him again. Maybe if RATM somehow miraculously showed up on the bill (not expecting that), they would win out. PSB would also be a tough conflict for me....purely because I've never seen them. Someone like Aerosmith would be a no brainer (would be at Kendrick). In the end, probably about 75% chance that I would be at Kendrick. Over the years/decades of seeing shows, I have rarely regretted going and seeing important artists......and Kendrick is a very important artist.
  10. No mic. "look like a festivalgoer "....this is easily accomplished! Nobody is going to confuse me with a professional photographer at the gate or in the crowd.
  11. Totally get it. I've been going to multi-day festivals and using my camera for a while now. Most cases, I just stick it in my pack pack (I always carry a small light pack with a few things in it) and pull it out when necessary. If I'm going light, I just use my phone. Having safe lock ups should make that easier, as I can ditch items from my pack for stretches making it lighter. It doesn't bother me that I would miss shots, as I'm not trying to document the whole thing. i.e. I wouldn't want to miss actually being there. Its just nice to have a good camera to take some additional shots.
  12. Thks, good info.....which brings me to part 2 of the question. What's people's thoughts on bringing one in but them leaving it in a backpack in one of the lockups. I would then only take it out a couple of times to get some good shots but not have to deal with it for the whole day. Would it be safe in the lockups?
  13. So, I wanted to bring in a DSLR to Glastonbury. Nothing huge but a nice camera with a 2-5 inch lens. I'm trying to figure out what Glastonbury allows as far as cameras go and I can't seem to get a detailed answer. Here's text on the published policy: "No unauthorized tape recorders, professional film or video equipment are allowed onsite. Cameras for personal use are welcome." That leaves a LOT of room for subjective interpretation and I don't want to get stuck at a gate with security telling me I can't take a camera in, so I sent a question into Glastonbury to get some clarification. Here's what I asked, "Can you provide additional details on how you distinguish between professional equipment and personal use cameras? e.g. Can we bring in a detachable lens camera? Is there a restriction on the length/range of the lens?" Here's what Glastonbury replied to my question: "as long as the pictures are for personal use the camera shouldn’t be a problem. So a nice camera is fine, however, big professional zoom lenses are the issue. There are currently no restrictions on lens size, but it is something we are going to discuss and certainly we do discourage people from bringing long lenses as there is a risk they might be held at the gate." Again, subjective.....at least as far as the lens goes I've asked a follow up question, but what are peoples experience here. Has anyone tried to bring in an DSLR with a detachable lens? What happened at the security check?
  14. Mash2

    The National

    Not immediately. I bought my tickets a few weeks after the lineup announcement. I'm not even sure if it did sell out although there was certainly a good crowd there.
  15. Mash2

    The National

    lineup Weds 11/20. regular public sale starts Fri the 22. If I remember correctly they announced "most" of the 2018 lineup in the initial go and then added some later
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