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  1. Krakow Live Festival, small/medium festival in Poland also did not announced yet. It's the same weekend as Pukkelpop. Maybe they share the same headliner or something.
  2. Does anyone have a clue if there would be more additions to this lineup? How many artists are supposed to perform per day?
  3. I'm afraid that you are right. Florence is pretty big in Poland but this is really lazy booking. I would prefer getting Qotsa/Killers instead of Flo for Opener. Regarding Tempelhof, that would be the weakest headliner, so I expext strong sub for this festival's Friday.
  4. Mad Cool is early summer - Muse are probably a bit too big and will be over in America by the end of August. -> You know something or just predicting?
  5. Any of names that you mentioned are not co-headliner material. I expect Tame Impala/Qotsa on Wednesday, Asap on Thursday and The Killers + The Cure combo on Saturday.
  6. Nah, this poll was completely out of propositions. It was just four gaps, where it was possible to write down artists on own choice.
  7. If Kendrick is really coming back, I can see him next to Imagine Dragons on Wednesday. Friday is already locked by Dua Lipa. About Thursday - Twenty One Pilots were announced as co-headliners? If so, maybe Tame Impala as second headliner for that day? I'm big fan of Muse, but I cannot see them as co-headliners in Poland. But it would be pretty nice return to festival site, as they previously played here back in 2007. About Sunday - that was dream lineup for 2020 (Foals-Killers-The Cure-Chem Bros). Right now only the last one is already announced. I can confirm what mln has written above - Opener director stated that The Cure's arrival was possible - regarding 2021 edition. For next year's still no idea. But personally combination of The Killers and The Cure is perfect - due to lack of rock/alternative head in current lineup.
  8. Poor ticket sales for that Sunday in 2019 might be caused by pretty weak lineup that day in the terms of RW? Just take a look at that edition's Friday - The Cure and Tool, two great headliners. And the 2nd band of the Sunday was Greta Van Fleet - I do not know their popularity in Belgium, but I don't think that was wise choice for sub-headliner
  9. Eurockeeness, Longitude and British Summer Time, but it's hard to name it as a typical festival. Also there is no confirmation for mentioned weekend here. For 2020 they had Kendrick, Post Malone and Little Mix as headliners for our weekend if I'm not mistaken
  10. I think we can rule out both Guns n Roses and Foo Fighters as they've announced their 2021 european dates already. Metallica looks like the strongest opportunity, but it could also be AC/DC
  11. Don't get me wrong, but I do not think that Stormzy is headliner material in mainland Europe.. Billie is 100% certain, I'm betting Muse here, but more reastically someone, who did not announce anything for 2021 yet.
  12. Guys, remember that Kendrick is not available at Wednesday (performing in Gdynia at Opener that day)
  13. Tame Impala have just rescheduled their US dates to August/fall 2021. So now, it seems we will be having them at more european festivals next year. RW announcemnt incoming?
  14. The question is whether they intend to stay in Europe until July... By now, they're only announced for both Primavera's in mid June
  15. And Foals. Also Banks and FKA Twigs on Tent Stage. Unbelievable. Please let it happen!
  16. Ken, can you give us any hints about who was supposed to be a/b plans?
  17. WHAT??!!! Monkeys back on tour?
  18. Ken, what about Opener? Are they really contender for headliners there?
  19. Tame Impala are doing UK festival in late May... Maybe there is european arena tour right before it?
  20. About Saturday headliner I'm betting The Killers, but I'm afraid it could be KOL instead. Also, I do not think that Roskilde are able to have Kendrick and Taylor on the same day
  21. Absolutely we can expect him od Wednesday. Taylor is playing that day at Roskilde, so Opener does not have any major festivals competing for him that day. Also Kendrick'll be in Stockholm few days before. The question is who is going to be Saturday headliner?
  22. Mine too Ken thank you very much for that info.
  23. So it probably means they're available in RW week. Nice!
  24. Oh yeah, Iggy Pop is really nice possibility. I'd love to have here Tame Impala too.
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