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  1. This is my hope too, and what I'm holding out for. There is just enough time for this to go ahead, (sort of) and I'm so far into denial right now that I'm carrying on as if it is going ahead 🙂 If it doesn't it doesn't.
  2. Oh niiiice! They just followed me on insta haha. Alright then @Alfie Clayton whats your setlist going to be at Truck? I'll add it to my playlist hahaha. I'm a big fan of 'nothing but an actor' 🙂
  3. The retiring of a legend! Loved your Truck clashfinders mate. Really helpful in building the hype before you go!
  4. Hey all - I'm back now that festivals are somewhat confirmed. 🤞🤞🤞 Fingers crossed that truck is going ahead! I updated my setlists playlist from last year. 95% of the songs in this playlist will be played. Learn the songs and sing along. It's the same truck festival master playlist that people were following pre the 2020 cancellation. Please go ahead and steal from this and make your own playlists! Or if you want to just shuffle a playlist of the top artists to learn some tunes then here you go. I will be updating it sporadically.
  5. Yeah I'm also hoping they do the same. If vip includes free showers then I'm absolutely there! Already have early entry and parking. But glad it will be one guaranteed festival that I don't have to pay for. I just hope that some of the lineup holds because I was really looking forward to seeing a few small bands like Chappaqua Wrestling there.
  6. The above is complete and utter bollocks - do drink water as you should often but your stomach acid is not going to do anything. This post has been doing the rounds but its untrue and not properly sourced. Phillip defranco, a verfied news source on youtube, goes more into this in this video:
  7. Unfortunately they've broken up instead https://twitter.com/nohotashesband/status/1238043703480107008/photo/2
  8. I'm also under the hope that by end of July things will be a lot clearer! We'll have to wait and see, we're in a lot less of a manic than the Glasto threads.
  9. @Tonybyates Catch the Truck twitter person in a good mood and if we all ask annoying questions we'll get a rough clashfinder by the end of it haha
  10. Wanna buy my ticket but unsure - hopefully Tame Impala will play regardless...
  11. Shame, they are better in a tent like on the Sunday of 2018 on Market Stage. And idk 4th down?
  12. And Ally Pally, and late last year they did first album: "I had the blues but I shook them loose" in full. I know cause I went to both. But yeah not so keen on seeing them again so soon at APE.
  13. What was the blur @BST debacle? Lots of free tickets and annoyed full price paying pundits? Yeah i've not bought a ticket just yet, looking for the tame day, but unsure on coronovirus/cancelling the event and the possibiity of free or cheaper tickets
  14. True tbf, I've seen them twice since they came back from hiatus, almost a third but saw Foals for Brits week instead of Bombay again. I have a truck ticket, and most of the undercard for ape I've seen or will be seeing at Truck. Funnily enough I'd go just to see Loyle Carner as thats the only one I've not seen, so unless theirs cheap or free tickets I won't be going and I'm one of their biggest fans.
  15. Hot Chip would be incred, been on my watchlist for years. I'd hope they'd spend a bit more money on infrastructure of the festival - namely roadside and carpark stewards. But if I was a volunteer/ low paid hungover stweard I know i'd piss off on the Monday morning haha. I left 2018 sunday night at 11:45 and it was such a great descision but boring that I was sober for Courteeners and theres no chance I will be for Catfish!
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