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  1. @The Nalwhat are the showers like? Is it individual cubicles? How many are there?
  2. @Losing my hairthank you very much for this, it's been very helpful!
  3. Hey pals, This will be my first time at EOTR (if it goes ahead, fingers crossed!) and I was curious if anyone knows of a a post detailing the camping situation. Glastonbury has a big breakdown of camping spots all over the web but I can't find anything similar for EOTR. I know this festival is a lot smaller but I'm still hoping for some basic info so I ca pick out an area too head to straight away. If anyone is familiar with EOTR and knows about the camping, my fave and regular place to pitch at Glasto is Bushy Ground. If anyone knows of any blog of forum posts about any part of EOTR that I can read up that would be fab. I do like to go to these things with a little bit of knowledge. Thanks in advance! Ben t: @ ben_cameron
  4. I'm heading off soon to queue overnight. I want to say another massive thank you to everyone here for a really fun couple of weeks. It's been really educational too. If you see me or my flag (I hope that breeze keeps it aloft!) come say hi. I've got keyrings and pins to give away. See you in the fields pals! Ben
  5. I've just bought one too, I tend to stay towards the back of the crowd and i'll probably be sat down using it so hopefully I won't be a nuisance
  6. What are your concerns? If it keeps being downgraded what would it mean?
  7. I'm going to sleep now with the thought of this absolutely perfect run in my head. I get super excited for Glasto every year. It's my main holiday and my favourite place but this is the first time I've been involved with this forum and it's been... something. I've been hooked. You're all good and fun people x
  8. Lower (than what they were earlier) is definitely better. I'd rather be in a position of having to put a jumper on than trying desperately to find shade
  9. oh, has it gone bad again?
  10. Anyone else queueing overnight Tuesday into Wednesday? I'll be at Gate D with my waterproofs, dome umbrella and a flask of amaretto. It's gonna be ok pals x
  11. So looking good for anyone queuing overnight on Tuesday?
  12. There's several of us, several!
  13. I'm so confused by all the updates! I've got wellies, a rain mac and suncream. My mood is... all over the place. This time next week I'll be setting up my tent, I just hope the weather doesn't make that too difficult.
  14. The aforementioned flag and pin/keyring
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