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  1. HowdyBoss

    Undercard Yet To Play Glastonbury

    After hearing this album two years ago, I hoped that Susanne Sundfør might get a look in somewhere. I bet she will before too long. Park Stage would do me just fine, but I'm not fussy; just so long as I'm there.
  2. HowdyBoss

    Kate Tempest - Extraordinary

    Quite possibly the best thing I've ever seen at Glastonbury. Even better than the blindfolded tug-of-war-tightrope-unicyclist-multiple-batons-on-fire juggling act that I saw in the circus field back in 1990. I have been to every festival since and never thought that that would be bettered. Until this year...
  3. HowdyBoss

    Hot Water Bottle idea

    The last time I recall us having a decent campfire was 2010; which was about the last time I recall a decent pile of firewood being provided by the festival; certainly for the Hitchin Hill locale anyroad. There was a bit of dry brushwood left at the top of Spring Ground two or three years ago, but nothing on the historic scale; it was basically kindling, but for old times’ sake we had a modest fire one night and then had to put up with the tutting of more than one passer-by who clearly knew nothing different. Probably the thing I miss most from the earlier festivals. A circle of tents around a central fire. Friends arriving and departing; home for bed, or setting off back out for early-hours high jinks. The crackle; the smoke that followed you wherever you stationed; the steaming boots when it had rained. But perhaps the most evocative thing was the year after; unravelling the tent to inspect its festival-worthiness and getting that hit of smoke. A morale booster if ever there was one.
  4. HowdyBoss


    1992 So many memories. But two that stick out are: 1) The Fall: “they barred us for ten years and then when they invite us back we’re supporting the fucking Levellers” (not quite verbatim I fear, but near enough) 2) Me and my brother having a piss at the urinal overlooking the Pyramid Stage, north west (over the couple of planks that spanned the ditch; when the urinals were out in the open). Me: “ We’re stood here having a piss and Lou Reed is just over there, knocking out Satellite of Love, for our entertinment” Brother: “aye” We shared a glance or two during the Gorillaz set in 2010. I seem to remember quite enjoying it.
  5. HowdyBoss

    Your favourite Glasto images

    Haven't posted any photos for a while, but this thread has whetted the appetite. Excellent stuff throughout. Here's one I managed to hold the camera steady for last year: The first one in post #4 is one of mine. Glad to see it's still doing the rounds. And, imagine my glee when I see my young Australian friends in post #151. She may be small, but she's definitely not poor quality! R