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  1. With Midlake being on Bella Union I thought they’d be a shoo in. Would be surprised if they aren’t announced at some point.
  2. People seem to be pretty down on Fleet Foxes. Their last two albums are fantastic and I find them incredibly moving. Really looking forward to seeing them.
  3. I hear Golden Dregs will be playing again.
  4. Really? I can’t see this as being out of reach at all. Seems like a perfectly reasonable booking for EOTR.
  5. Well done End of the Road for organising another brilliantly unique festival under extremely difficult circumstances. Highlights in no order :- Damon Albarn Black Country, New Road caroline Richard Dawson Sipho. Modern Woman Junior Brother John Francis Flynn Chubby and the Gang Penelope Isles Arab Strap Modern Nature Sleaford Mods Katy J Pearson Kikagaku Moyo
  6. King Krule is/are really, really bad.
  7. May I humbly suggest The Wedding Present, PIGSx7 …
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