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  1. Got an e-mail from MC about the tickets and there's something called: Voucher 1 of 1 Welcome Party. Do you guys know if it's a ticket to the pre party or a discount? I bought my tix as Early Bird Festicket.
  2. The dates work for PF and RP, Raconteurs will be as summer fests love JW, SK on the other hand will be part of the 'more women on poster' movement
  3. I'll bet on Perry Farrell, Robert Plant, Raconteurs, Skunk Anansie and Parcels
  4. Fake. But AMS and Berlin are 100%
  5. London will be the last stop of the tour
  6. MC's post on Facebook with the Bon Iver quote ""It might be over soon, soon, soon"" is disturbing
  7. soooo.. Day0 = The Who + EV?
  8. Got info that EV is gonna tour Europe. So it may be truth
  9. LIVE (w/ Ed Kowalczyk) announced a few dates in July. Maybe? :D
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