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  1. Kusy


    No info bout that. I guess it must be soon.
  2. Kusy


    9.05 Prague
  3. how 'bout the ol' trick with the names on the website?
  4. Refused played a great show at Hellfest this year ;D
  5. One show at Ziggo must be the reason why they are gonna play two in Germany (or a second one in Holland but not PP). I just have a gut feeling they won't play PP.
  6. EV's daughter is 16 next year, big deal in US so they will be later than usually
  7. maybe because they were late with their booking - if the show is in the middle Celine/Clapton - and couldn't fit 2 x Ziggo. Dimi mentioned that they planned a tour and stopped for a while. I don't believe in PinkPop. There is a reason that they played there only 3 times and RW tour by tour
  8. https://www.musicall.com/publication/un-graspop-2020-sur-4-jours?fbclid=IwAR2igeWLEzCcMQPIYPIWCa4Q4RCAaCyWmamVxTOqOTRAU2r2dOiLiaF9sKk "A source close to Live Nation confirmed that a large group was delaying the first announcement of Graspop. However, it was clarified today that this famous band would not be in the first announcement. Another unforeseen event also disrupted GMM's schedule: indeed, Prophets Of Rage were supposed to close the Main Stage 2 one of three days. Off, the band was suddenly paused to allow the expected and unexpected return of Rage Against The Machine. Will they be at Graspop? It would be nice but if they come to Belgium, it will probably be Rock Werchter: business is business."
  9. With the twitt from B-Real it looks like PoR have decided to call it a day and split. Not sure if RATM could replace them, but maybe? It's a thing of the concert industry - things change in a blink of an eye.
  10. yep, heard from the best possible source about PoR at euro-metalfest.
  11. Santana today - spring
  12. Pixies 100% touring Europe in 2020
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