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  1. Kusy

    How do you feel?

    Been looking as some past shows & setlists and listening to a lot of Pearl Jam today. God, how I miss live shows.
  2. Amen to that and fuck covid!
  3. If they have to they will bail out. But they will never work with the organizers again.
  4. And it's only one dose 😉 2022 will be alright.
  5. Don't think so. They just copied the headliners assuming they'll be the same.
  6. Kusy

    BST 2021

    I would guess that it goes like this: Aussie winter 21/22 - summer Europe 2022 - autumn US 2022 & Ohana & Sea.Hear.Fest
  7. Kusy

    BST 2021

    If PJ are gonna reschedule the Euro tour (and 99,9% they will) they will reschedule all. Not gonna come for BST only in '21. That's just how it is. And if BST will play legal card on them... they will pay and never work with the festival again (same story as Mad Cool). Not worth is for BST.
  8. Aero rescheduled tour to 22.
  9. Seems like PJ are going for 2022: https://www.pearljamonline.it/pearl-jam-il-concerto-a-imola-rimandato-al-2022/ https://www.bolognatoday.it/cronaca/autodromo-imola-formula1-gp-concerti-2021.html
  10. If the world will end the covid crisis and it will mean that fest will be back in 2022 - I'll take it. End the deaths, bring back music. I'll wait if I must.
  11. They will (if they decide not to come in 2021). They've got Gigaton to play! 😄
  12. i guess, that no one is 😞
  13. Bought my ticket with the BF discount. Pretty confident it will go on.
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