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  1. Neon

    2020 tickets

    I am not sure about the rules here. I see that you must register with image etc. And when the time comes you may buy up to 6 tickets if you are very lucky ! But if that was to happen and I had secured tickets for my self and 5 others with their ID what is the outcome if one of the others secures a ticket in my name or one of the others ? Or is that impossible to happen with their system. ( more than one ticket to same ID ) in my old age I have just realised the wonder of music festivals and could maybe make Glastonbury before long 🤡 as I may be running out of life ! thanks for any help
  2. Yes but there where plenty of other choices to be honest, you could buy a pint for £5.50 if you wanted. Or about £2 (eq pint) if you shopped at the Co-op
  3. It is in reality very easy to take in what you wish. As far as food goes i took some in everyday in my rucksack with no problem. And everyone takes drinks in, it would impossible to stop.
  4. I agree with you and had a blast at the festival. I was in large group and it’s seems wild to say but at the time we even enjoy lily allen, weird or what ? Richard Ashcroft and Biffy were good and there was loads of other great acts on ms and everywhere else. If you don’t like festivals don’t go😎💝
  5. Yes, the food stalls obviously pay a high price to be their so it is no surprise , but it easy to eat elsewhere or whatever. its not a picnic after all 🤡
  6. How weird there is no name on my ticket or any of the tickets I have seen online??
  7. You can take alcohol into camping not into Arena. Not hilly. Bar prices are above average. tickets do not have names ?
  8. Not sure where you looking but looks fairly good with nothing over 14 . I’m sure you should not be concerned as if there was a problem it is not really yours or mine😎 i hope that you have a great festival and perchance I was to bump into I will certainly buy you a pint ❤️
  9. It is not a problem to come and go in my vast experience.
  10. I stay in a luxury hotel so breakfast/food is no problem. I will give the Cedars a try while i am there, thanks.
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