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  1. Gemrig

    Isle of Wight 2019 Festival

    I am personally excited as always for the festival. Although I am on of those that goes more for the experience rather that the music! There is always something I enjoy and yes while I was praying the rumours would come true alas I didn't get Pink or Arctic Monkeys as I wanted but there are still many hours of fun to be had on the Island that weekend for me and a lot of music I no doubt will enjoy :-)
  2. Gemrig

    Travel from London advice

    If booking separately check if the early bird offer is available for the Cat as this cost me less than £17 but doesn't show up if you are searching through the site.
  3. Gemrig

    Isle of Wight 2019 Festival

    They probably announce the first lot end of Nov/Dec time and then the next wave is normally about Feb time I think
  4. Gemrig

    Isle of Wight 2019 Festival

    They had made a facebook page yesterday but didn't have any announcements yet. The Love Your Tent will announce in about the middle of November so Dec/Jan time possibly??
  5. Gemrig

    Security Search into campsite

    There were sniffer dogs and patting down of bags etc for the past 2 years and then sometimes people had abit more of a thorough search done. Maybe a little more thorough this year due to the deaths at Mutiny 🤔
  6. Gemrig

    Isle of Wight festival camping

    Always camped in the back two fields of the general purple camping and never had any problems x
  7. Gemrig

    A few questions on IOW

    HIya The general camping have showers available further down near to the arena, they are open in the morning and they charge about a pound to use them If you want something a little quieter head to the back two fields, always been good back there and you have a little more room around you. It's a bit of a trek to the main stage but only by about another 5 mins so well worth it for a more relaxed camping area. Not sure about the coach drop off sorry. I think the sherpas were about £30 last year but again not entirely sure sorry. Have a fab weekend!
  8. Gemrig

    When to start queuing?

    I get the 10.30 cat over from Portsmouth and normally get to the site about 11.45ish the queue was big last year but we were in in under 2 hours and that was with heightened security checks
  9. Gemrig

    Isle of Wight 2018 Festival

    Snap......friday night is a pain for me too! Got Novatones, Tom Brennan & Circa Waves! Gonna need move quick that night!
  10. Gemrig

    Isle of wight First time

    Congratulations for winning 😁 depends how you'e getting down would depend on how to best get across. If you'e coming by car you need to check availability for the car ferries (Wightlink or Red funnel) mind they'e not cheap! If coming by foot the catamaran from Portsmouth to Ryde only takes about 20 mins and is under £30. You can then grab a festival bus to the site which is about £6. Saturday there is a gold theme and seems a lot of people are joining in if that's your thing. The app and map should be released in the next few days so worth checking out to see the line up and times. No glass in the campsite but you can bring whatever alcohol you wish, but standard rules you can't take it through to the arena. Newport is only about a 20 min walk away so can grab supplies or go for brekkie easily. I've always found everyone to be fun and friendly so hope you have the best time 😁
  11. Yeah you can come and go throughout the day and grab supplies if needed 😁
  12. Gemrig

    Map and Video

    I don't think the video is for this year as it's hardly set yet so maybe this was a few years back and they'd tried the token method for the bars 🤔 haven't used tokens the past 2 years I've been.
  13. Gemrig

    What time should I arrive?

    Depends what you like. I hate camping where the sea of tents are so I always go to the very back fields as it is a little quieter there. If you don't mind being the mix of it all then the first field is less walking distance to the main arena. It fills up pretty quick though but there is loads of space to camp so you will be fine for a space :-)
  14. Gemrig

    Late night at IOW

    Always hard to know where to get the info from. I find the FB page the worst! Everyone posts but no one answers lol