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  1. Meaning that from the list below all the names but the two you mentioned are wrong? Shawn mendez - Armin van Buuren - Lana Del Rey - Foals/???? - DJ Snake - Eminem - The Chemical Brothers
  2. No, she definetely would not, probably not even Main Stage. Not so terrible actually... being a one-hit wonder, she is actually pretty decent live compared to others
  3. But he is literally the only sure leaker we have ffs
  4. I don't like this game very much Can't you just go for the vowels / first letter / rebus / hangman whatever?
  5. If the leaker is true, first I'm gonna hug him with the warmest hug ever, than I'm gonna slap him for saying that Chems are EDM. Anyway, can we read anything in this Lowland's announcement?
  6. Haven't been so hungry in a while! To recap: Eminem - Shawn Mendes - EDM Name - EDM Name - Female Headliner - x - x Female Headliner is not Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Shakira or Lady Gaga and she is older than Lizzo, that rules out Taylor Swift, too. We have Foals and Foster the People, we do not have Liam G and Royal Blood. Did I get it right? I mean, if Foals and Eminem are playing closely in days that is an easy 3-days ticket for me
  7. Might be a little of a pain in the butt buuuuuut: anybody willing to make a mega-recap of what are the talked names (headliners and non-headliners), now that we have a bigger (yet blurry) picture of the august scene? I usually opt to do this myself, but this time I am really busy and can't do... Thanks ❤️
  8. They can, but the fact that the every venue that starts selling tickets for their show is going instant sold out should send a loud and clear message.
  9. Speculation is linearly correct, but I have to say that having Dua Lipa and LG headlining gives me that bitter taste of Kasabian - Major Lazer promoted to headliners in 2017 while sub-headlining 2015's edition. And we all remember how 2017 turnt out to be. In case this turns to be a weak edition, this would break the unspoken rule that says that Sziget receives better lineups in even years.
  10. I'd consider Caribou, Mac Demarco, Thundercat, Agnes Obel, Parquet Courts, Ty Segall, Black Midi and Shame as main names in the A38
  11. Not really sure about this, instead I believe that among the three, The Strokes are the more expensive.
  12. LMAO After 2018 debacle I still have PTSD thinking about that night. I'm up to say I'd love to see them anywhere but at MC. Sad but true. That or putting them on the last slot of the main stage one night, but I don't think it would work out decently anyway It depends on how many stages they have this year: if 7 like 2018, there will be many more names, if 6 like 2019 I think we are missing no more than 5-8 relevant names - included the headliners. Fact is that if they are using 6 stages, the situation turns odd, as they would put some not-so-irrilevant band in the last stages with 40 minutes slots, which would be kind of unusual.
  13. That's because you are a good guy! Still looking forward to see you irl bro, have fun over there!
  14. I'd kill to have Run The Jewels and Girl in Red
  15. No way they gonna make such big announcement without teasing, especially with Eminem with no european dates. The bigger headliners are always teased (Robbie Williams, Rihanna, Arctic Monkeys, Ed Sheeran... even bloody Kasabian in 2017). Don't keep your hopes high, toady nothing will happen.
  16. If they actually wasted both The Strokes and My Chemical Romance cards, I guess they could go for them as a solo headliner (like PJ in 18). I mean, why not? I guess it depends on them deciding to have a heritage act or something more mainstream. So far we can't really say, as the day is between Faith No More and Billie Eilish, so you can lean towards both the options without breaking the "storytelling" of the day - not that Mad Cool really cares about this element What about the closing electro-spot on the main stages (i.e Chemical Bros; Major Lazer; Bloody Beetroots...)?
  17. None? I could create a fake account and push names at random and you all would be questioning if that is some Dan Panaitescu's ghost or what releasing confidential info about the fest. We all have an idea about what the pool from which they get the smaller names will be, take an handful of these and put with some big names, more or less hyped in Sziget's circuit, and you will get a prediction... I mean, Tom Walker, Foals, Khalid and OMaM are already highy favored to be in the lineup; to these you add the name that has been hyped the most in the last 4-5 years and two random names and there you have a new Sziget-version of the Oracle of Omaha... Am I the only one that starts to notice that this collective hysteria due to them not releasing the lineup is possibly leading to a troll bait?
  18. I am thankful I live in Europe for in NA they really have some cheap-ass, over-priced, poor-experienced festivals
  19. I think that Bologna will be less expensive (the ticket surely is 40 € against 80 £, it has an international airport as well and the city and accomodations are cheaper), and the band will be less exhausted from 2 days in a row performing. Plus, the venue should be bigger. You lose in terms of organization tho, since italian shows are usually messier than England's. But here, another chance.
  20. I'm starting to reckon that we simply do not have any insider this year. The guy leaking 5 heads out of 7 said a big announcement in terms of quantity would happen tomorrow and no info has been released about this yet, and it makes it suspicious. This guy just comes and tag some lyrics piece randomly. Anybody can leak with a new account, so I'll just stay quiet and dont care about it much, names are on their way because it's almost february, but I am actually tired of hearing from random intel gurus
  21. Eminem, Shawn Mendes, Foals, Khalid, Tom Walker, The Neighbourhood and Of Monsters and Men? Not aware of touring schedule of most of them, but that sounds reasonable - and partially welcome.
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