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  1. Probably they retained the rights on lyrics use on commercials - it may happen
  2. Except that this is the biggest Colosseum's lineup they released in ages, I'd say
  3. So... festival ticket's price has increased, every single utility has seen an increase in price, it is likely to expect food and drink prices to be higher as well... for one day less of festival? Without any decent improvement in term of lineup...? Oh boi, I understand the inflation going up, but this is a 20something% increase in full experience cost against a 5.something% inflation. Sziget, what have you become?
  4. On their side, they can make some profits on short term investments (unlikely) or solve any liquidity issue may arise (more likely), by asking the people to put funds in their app/bracelets in advance. Also, it can be part of the agreements with the financial institution that provide the funding for the festival. On the user side, unless they connect the app with the bracelets (allowing to move funds instantly from the app to the tied bracelet and by this, avoiding to go the ATM or whatever), it is not really interesting.
  5. I saw, I saw, but from Milan it is hardly a bargain... Will see, but I'm really digging the opportunity to travel "normally" - haven't done it in 2 years by now ahahah
  6. Just sent the input to sell my two tickets. It is all good and dandy, but air travel has gone crazy (300 € each from Bologna or Milan to Barcellona for said days) - I mean, sure we moved late, but it is like 6 times the normal fares... Feels bad because this was one edition I was really looking forward to, but spending 1000 € between tickets, accomodation, flights and survival in 3 days is really not my cup of tea. Pity
  7. I think that with this little time ahead before the festival, they will just double somebody on the opposite weekend. Honestly, I have finger crossed for Run the Jewels on WE1 - they are cheaper, everybody will be angry AF and I will be in the frontline getting all the saliva El-P can throw in an hour in the face
  8. The sheer capital distance is not the point to be taken into account: the border is much more of an interesting variable. I don't think that Sziget will have any selling problems, no matter what the situation in Ukraine - as far as the war stays in that country and does not get exported. Another point to consider is that if even the silliest missile lands on the biggest and emptiest field in any of the NATO countries, you can say goodbye to *any* festival faster than you can say palinka. But, I mean, at that point I would not care for festivals anyway.
  9. That depends on the year. The management is not always "tidy": there's been years where the biggest name came last (i.e. Prince) and years where the big shot headliner came before everything else (i.e. Robbie Williams 2015). Sziget usually goes first in first out, so the leftovers name are not held back - they just haven't figured out the right name for that spot. Few examples that come to my mind: Chemical Brothers + Tinie Tempah, 2016, or the National 2019. From the centre it's a breeze to get there - 2 different subways/tram top if I do recall correctly. The experience of living the campus is uncomparable tho.
  10. There is no such thing as a special guest slot at Sziget since 2014 (Tancksapda sub-head for Blink182). Honestly, The Prodigy are still headliner material for a festival such as Sziget (nostalgia power), so no, I think you can rule them out IMO the big guns have been already fired for these days. The take away for the management will be that a day with a pop headliner beats a day with a indie headliner - I mean they have known this for a very long time but this is another confirmation and only pushes in the mainstream direction more and more
  11. Parkway Drive into The Lumineers into Last Shadow Puppets into Hardwell, last day 2016 - I still laugh thinking about it
  12. Actually bummed out by Anne Marie subbing Tame Impala. It feels like Foals are further away now, and even if they were actually subbing Dua Lipa, that would be a sad match, being that first rows will be crowded with people being there since early morning waiting ONLY for Dua Lipa, same as happened many times before for pop headliners.
  13. Eh except that prices are awfully inflated during that period (still cheap for most of western europe standards, tho) and the heat is almost unbearable. Hungary and Budapest are really beautiful, but August is actually an awful period to be there, if festival is not involved, and the Ukrainian situation now does not really improve the selling points.
  14. Yes they would, but they are kind of outside the Sziget demographic I guess - so it would be an hard pass IMO
  15. LMAO you better read carefully tho. I said that having Duffy as sub-head (19.30), being a weak name as she is, would imply the kind of day that D1 2015 had (with Robbie Williams headliner and less than nothing for the rest of the day). Can't remember when and if I recall correctly, but I recall that Idles won't be at Sziget 2022 I bet two beers that he won't be any higher than a 17.45 slot on Main Stage, in case!
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