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  1. PTSD coming up by only mentioning the event
  2. They stick with the scam of 2,5 for a water bottle, unbelievable for a festival held in 40° average til 10 pm. Anyway, if they are not satan's sons there will probably be a fountain in the middle of the site, well hidden and with no signal of course, but I reckon you can see that in front of the main stage, way to the left from the Madrid stage. Good to know that the only changes from the last year almost-fiasco have been a worsening of the lineup quality and less transportation, they must know what they doing
  3. Afraid to say that Pink belongs better to the must have, given the things they have given up in order to have her this year... I do not know if you can reply to such a request, but I was wondering if there were any other major negotiation fail like this one in recent history. Just out of curiosity, I'm a fan of the what-ifs
  4. Do we really reached that point in history where we compare Cardi B and a Gallagher? I mean, I dont even like britpop, but what comes next? Aphex Twin vs Aqua?
  5. I am not sure they will allow it, for copyright reason (should fall under the pro- category). Moreover, I dont think you want to bring with you that piece of work at a music festival, could be the last place where you bring that to
  6. Please, let's make a deal and make KOL not find a place in RW anytime soon, kay? Thanks a lot
  7. I actually dont believe you gonna have troubles to be in front row for Years and Years, The National as well should be the least favoured artist by the crowd (funnily enough). For Florence you may wanna be there from at least the second show of the day: in 2015 I had no problem to get to front row 15 mins before the start of the show, but these were different times, I suppose
  8. Give a try to Pip Blom and Cut Copy, they are worth the time! Plus, RBCF in the third day is a great band live, I wouldnt skip it
  9. Not severe, but there is one: you will not snuggle booze in easily, but you can bring caps for your bottles (they will take them away from you). To be fair, I don't believe that Mad Cool is one festival where you wanna get fucked up... too many concerts to attend and the general atmospher is not so chilled, I do not know how to say, but that's not Sziget EDIT much needed cause early in the morning my english is ashaming at best (while the rest of the time is just embarassing)
  10. That would be super weak, tho... I reckon that next year will have more interesting name than the one that is passing
  11. No fan pit or prime pit or whatever, but for Foo Fighters you probably will have to queue the whole day (which is quality anyway) on the main stage
  12. Yep it was. Last year I stayed in Chueca and, okay, first night I walked my ass from Nuevos Ministerios and I was not so happy, but second day i catched a taxi omw home totally randomly. Last night I stayed til 6 am so metro service was up. I would not say it was so bad, but I remember that second day I was this close to call it off because it was just to tiring to walk miles after one entire night dancing
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