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  1. Of course it is not, we have many gaps to fill. Making a quick count, more or less: - 2 Headliners - Up to 2 Sub-Headliners - Around 5-6 more Main Stage spots - Around 6-8 more A38 evening spots - Around 8-10 more A38 late night spots - Half of the Colosseum and Party Arena We are far from done, but taking a closer look, it is easy to understand that they gave a huge shape to the lineup this year, like it or not. I expect no more than 5-6 reasonable big names to come and the rest will be undercards and (hopefully) quality small names
  2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Tame Impala and I'm sold for life
  3. Things change, no one is reliable for such an info, always take it with grain of salt. They do not sell out usually The Strokes will play 21.30-23.00. Can't talk about the crowd compared to the UK, but I can say it is fairly easy to get to the front (very difficult to get the barricade spot tho). Khalid will play before, 19.30/45-21.00. Most likely Keane-Khalid-The Strokes. Visiting downtown is easy but at the same time I would not suggest it, as the weather is terribly hot usually and your energy will be drained in a blink of an eye. Up to you, anyway.
  4. So basically: 5 august: average 6 august: over-stacked for who loves indie/trip hop and with no variety for who doesn't love indie/trip hop 7 august: eskereboyz on the main stage and quality hipster stuff on the A38 8 august: literally throw the dices and put the names how you like 9 august: the empire of flat live music (and Kaytranada and Dixon) 10 august: meme schedule with Khalid opening for The Strokes 11 august: sweet summer children on the main stage and metalheads breaking noses on the A38 Only situation it makes sense is that Eminem plays the 9th august and Shawn Mendes the 11th, as it is clear that the A38 is built to give an alternative to whom will rage for the pop announcement.
  5. Bleah I can see him opening for an headliner on the Main Stage anyway: he actually works well on the daylight and... embarassing, yeah
  6. This would add to the list of names we are lacking: Eminem - Shawn Mendes - Empire of the Sun - The Neighbourhood - Metronomy - White Lies
  7. I finally had the time to go through the whole lineup. Gee those were a lot of names! Anyway, my list in no particular order: UNMISSABLE: Foals; Jon Hopkins; Sevdaliza; Caribou MUST WATCH: Jamie Jones B2B Joseph Capriati; Of Monsters and Men; Daughter; Ezra Collective; FKA Twigs; Kolsch; Glass Animals; Parquet Courts; Kaytranada; I Hate Models; The Strokes; Viagra Boys; Tourist; METZ; Little Simz; Dixon; Giant Rooks; Bob Moses; Volac. Definetely a well-rounded lineup so far this year, I will probably go for the whole week if the day split is sensed!
  8. Quoting Ken from Mad Cool's forum: I doubt that somebody would be crazy enough to replace The Weeknd with Eminem. You can do that with Shawn Mendes or Dua Lipa, but Eminem is out of question
  9. Please let this be Shawn Mendes. Please let this be Shawn Mendes. Please let this be Shawn Mendes. Please let this be Shawn Mendes. Please let this be Shawn Mendes.
  10. Been excluded by leaks, so far. Good shout, I guess!
  11. I sure hope so, plus Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Would send me over the roof, definetely
  12. Ken made it clear: for some bands it is not only a matter of money - or better, money is just the starting point, a festival has also to provide a worthwhile service in the process. Massive Attack's situation showed that Mad Cool can be awful at that and this can be a fatality of this element. I prefer to have a weak headliner rather than standing in front of an empty stage waiting for somebody to never show up, so I can live with that. Plus The Strokes are not a deal breaker for me either, and I'm going to Sziget anyway, just to make it clear. Another element I'd like to point out: The Strokes is a fairly capricious band to book, that is common knowledge, so it is more likely that, if Mad Cool is actually that desperate (which I guess is not), they wil go for something cheesier or easier to charm with money, rather than a band that has all the leverage tools on its side to lead a negotiation and that already costs a fortune. About The Black Keys, they won't tour Europe this summer. I know we are not talking about the same exact situation, but I feel some collective-neurosis-vibe over here and somebody has to tell things the way they are more likely to be, from time to time. I'm not enjoying the title of an insider or a leaker, but as I'm not so into The Strokes, I have to admit there are some heavy biases going on in this thread. Might be only me, though, in this case I can only offer my apologies.
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