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  1. Music starts at 16.45 and ends at 23.00 on the main stage, other stages goes from around 16.00 to 6.00 am, depending on the stage (edm and techno are everywhere after midnight I may add). Age range is 20-30 I'd say, but a 40something will fit imho!
  2. They basically shot themselves in the foot with that yesterday post about the new names that was a major PR nightmare. Specifically, you can't opt for names like "Chris", they scream Coldplay. Plus, the headliners aren't really anything exclusive or fresh; plus, the names are really answering to the demands of a small crowd (Capaldi and Bastille answer to same niche, same goes for AM and KoL). The critics are not about the names per sè, tho, it is more about the general sense of oldness that the major names bring to the table and, in pure honesty, I partly second them. There is no one that is really surfing the wave nowadays - even Capaldi is no new news. I like the lineup, but it really could be something drawn from the mind of a 2018-19's management.
  3. Damn zoomers looking for any chance of 5 minutes of fame.
  4. A38 23.45-01.00 slot Would instabuy for a LCD show at Sziget, but they are EU exclusive apparently
  5. Yep, they want to spam their presence in the festival circuit in order to A) milk the current success B) hopefully enhance their status on the international stage (not so easy, as an italian band). I guess they would make a decent second spot on the main stage. Would not care about them, but yet interesting name.
  6. In 2018 they promoted the festival with 8 headliners, counting the co-head structure of Kygo and Shawn Mendes like they were 2 headliners for the sameday (and, marketing wise, they actually pulled that one out). Same they did in 2019, promoting the last day as they had 2 headliners (21P and FF). I mean, the structure may not be the one of a co-headliner's day (being FF way more appealling and stronger than 21P), but the names are both headliner material in the european circuit, and for what marketing concerns that is more than enough. I can see something like this happening at Sziget 22, since it is something they run for the last years. This being said, I'd be damned if I'll see George Ezra anywhere higher than a 2nd spot - maybe MAYBE MAYBE co-headliner in a weak day. I get that this forum is really focused on England's taste and that the festival lineups' culture is usually different, but in mainland europe the guy is only famous for Budapest. It's the same story like it was for Jake Bugg at Sziget 14: nobody actually cared, but the english people.
  7. It would be the weakest set of headliners I've ever witnessed... I understand that Pop and Hip Hop heads might be big-BIG, but uh, the rock names would be underwhelming. Plus, and I speak as a non-UK attendant, neither BMTH or Liam Gallagher have any appetibility as headliner - not even in a co-head scenario. For what I can recall, they never headed any non-british major fest, also.
  8. Mh, I don't want to look too much into this statistic, though. Everytime a situation like this one occours to a festival, everybody goes Rambo with the wildest speculations (i.e. "what if they add a new headliner, there are 3-3-4 in the firse w/e, gotta be 2 more heads") and then we end up with some middle-tier names at best and a handful of nobodies - which is reasonable tbh. There will be no more headliner for sure, they would have pointed that out otherwise - also it is not PS modus operandi to tease an headliner, the whole ticket comes out together for a reason.
  9. The most random necroposting I have ever witnessed, not gonna lie
  10. I am sad. Also, really feeling drifting out of the festivals' circuit lately...
  11. IoW is English-centric and English-based. Really never met a non-UK attender. About Modest Mouse, holy smokes, I knew nothing... I guess that two years off the circuit really had some effects on me
  12. It depends. IMO the current sentiment is conservative and hence correct: I'd rather be at peace in february and hold my horses til september / 2022, rather than be hopeful until april and then die inside once again: it is more healthy. This being said, I believe that the current mood is the most responsible attitude some festivals can show: just lay low, do nothing but remember the audience you are still standing and that's it - no hype, no false hope and stuff.
  13. Those ain't the 80s, you won't move 40k people from all Europe with 3 weeks in advance, hell. This applies even more for non-camping festivals!
  14. 😢😢😢😢 Hate I cannot mentally flex my upvotes every once in a while (inb4: the kind of posts that would get you some downvotes easy peasy!)
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