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  1. Cool analysis, let me add some considerations, if you don't mind: * BMTH will probably be in the book: 2015 was a success; although the experiment of the APE of last year was unsuccessful, so I doubt they will make them headliner. * Hard to believe that The Killers will be around from june til august, they are too big to be in need to do 3 months of festival circuit. On the other hand, it seems pretty obvious that Sziget this year is aiming for Bon Iver, which apparently share with the Killers the same target, so I'd believe they will focus on Bon Iver rather than obtaining an expensive contract from The Killers. * Armin is big enough to headline an EDM spot. If Kygo did... Anyway, it would be a co-head name, I doubt it can be able to carry a whole day as Garrix did. An option could also be to have an extremely powerful Party Arena for the day, in order to charme the EDM fans. Dimitri Minchia & Like Pirla could be an answer to that, as they are extremely acclaimed in Hungary. IMO, SHM would be too expensive - otherwise they would have done it this year past. * MCR are very popular among the teenagers of 10 years ago, so I doubt they will appear. Moreover, being a reunion, I doubt they will have a light cachet and will be down for anything different from an influent spot, so no, I think they are not high in Sziget's priority, sadly. * Haven't heard a thing from Vampire Weekend so far, so I rule them out for now (anyway, they are classy and Sziget does not look to keen for class lately, but every year they pick one or two names out of the bucket); while Tame Impala are expected to do something: it is all about the period they will decide to play in Europe. * Nick Cave, IMO, is ruled out by the target and can be considered only as a last resort option, same way The National were this year. I also want to point out that we may have run out of RHCP, Coldplay, Billie Eilish and Foals, as it looks like they will play in early summer or not play at all. This would put Sziget in a weird position, as it looks like there is a shortage of headliners around (weird, never happens...)
  2. Fattest shame of it is that he will probably end up having a relevant spot...
  3. LMAO 9.14 in the morning and I already finished my reactions available for the day. Pay some respect for the insiders, they are literally the only source this forum has.
  4. Same period, same target, (almost) same lineup, that makes sense. Of course everything else (weather, price, timings, stages, organization, mood, potato patato) is different, but still...
  5. All Hits = There's no rest for the wicked. Anyway, great band, great live!
  6. That is correct, but there are cases in which those names are one-hit wonders or just one-time sensations. The first example that comes to my mind is Ellie Goulding: in 2015 it looked like she had to be the next big thing for what concern white-female-pop singers (couldn't come up with a worthy comparison, sorry), and 4-5 years later I can hardly remind a flatter name for an headline slot. With Werchter it is usually hard to define examples to justify the trend, but looking at Sziget (with which I'm more comfy), I can easily spot few names of this regard: Ellie Goulding is just an example but think of Alt-J in 2015, Macklemore or Wiz Khalifa in 2017 . Having said that, I don't think that Post Malone is a one-hit wonder or a flavour of the week: he has always been growing since he started and, for as much as I dislike his persona or his shows, I believe he is the biggest name out of a new era of performers that, like it or not, will be the standard in the forth-coming years.
  7. Woa! Foals again? LMAO I hope for The Killers, if I have to pick among them and the Strokes
  8. I guess that MC should better use a diverse strategy. I.e., one headliner + batch of small names against one average name a day. Nobody benefits from a day announcement of Tones & I, imo.
  9. I actually do not dislike how it is shaping out. Would never go til Lisboa for this and it is also true that since they started with TayTay there is only room for improvement, but still the undercards are valuable so far
  10. Don't know Graspos so well, so I'm asking, given the fact that Sziget and Roskilde prove this statement wrong (although those are 7 days festivals)
  11. That would buy me, hands down one of the best hip hop acts around
  12. I reckon that in 2018 it was harder for the larger acts to get to the front rows. Although I easily reached first row for Jack White (watched At the Drive In before him and waited there during Jack Johnson's set), I found impossible to reach the barrier for Pearl Jam (even leaving during the first half of Tame Impala's show) and for QOTSA and NIN (scored the barrier but moshpit was too heavy, so I got bounced back). The visuals and the sound of the major stages are perfect from almost any point of the pit, so - unless you are in for a very interactive show (think of Foals or Frank Carter, i.e.), or you are into the "a show is only worth if I can lick the sweat from the frontman armpit"'s philosophy - you don't really need to get in the front row to enjoy the show at 100%
  13. I dont think there is such thing as "no alternative" at mad cool. It is literally the only thing on which it always deliver
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