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  1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Tame Impala and I'm sold for life
  2. Things change, no one is reliable for such an info, always take it with grain of salt. They do not sell out usually The Strokes will play 21.30-23.00. Can't talk about the crowd compared to the UK, but I can say it is fairly easy to get to the front (very difficult to get the barricade spot tho). Khalid will play before, 19.30/45-21.00. Most likely Keane-Khalid-The Strokes. Visiting downtown is easy but at the same time I would not suggest it, as the weather is terribly hot usually and your energy will be drained in a blink of an eye. Up to you, anyway.
  3. So basically: 5 august: average 6 august: over-stacked for who loves indie/trip hop and with no variety for who doesn't love indie/trip hop 7 august: eskereboyz on the main stage and quality hipster stuff on the A38 8 august: literally throw the dices and put the names how you like 9 august: the empire of flat live music (and Kaytranada and Dixon) 10 august: meme schedule with Khalid opening for The Strokes 11 august: sweet summer children on the main stage and metalheads breaking noses on the A38 Only situation it makes sense is that Eminem plays the 9th august and Shawn Mendes the 11th, as it is clear that the A38 is built to give an alternative to whom will rage for the pop announcement.
  4. Bleah I can see him opening for an headliner on the Main Stage anyway: he actually works well on the daylight and... embarassing, yeah
  5. This would add to the list of names we are lacking: Eminem - Shawn Mendes - Empire of the Sun - The Neighbourhood - Metronomy - White Lies
  6. I finally had the time to go through the whole lineup. Gee those were a lot of names! Anyway, my list in no particular order: UNMISSABLE: Foals; Jon Hopkins; Sevdaliza; Caribou MUST WATCH: Jamie Jones B2B Joseph Capriati; Of Monsters and Men; Daughter; Ezra Collective; FKA Twigs; Kolsch; Glass Animals; Parquet Courts; Kaytranada; I Hate Models; The Strokes; Viagra Boys; Tourist; METZ; Little Simz; Dixon; Giant Rooks; Bob Moses; Volac. Definetely a well-rounded lineup so far this year, I will probably go for the whole week if the day split is sensed!
  7. Quoting Ken from Mad Cool's forum: I doubt that somebody would be crazy enough to replace The Weeknd with Eminem. You can do that with Shawn Mendes or Dua Lipa, but Eminem is out of question
  8. Please let this be Shawn Mendes. Please let this be Shawn Mendes. Please let this be Shawn Mendes. Please let this be Shawn Mendes. Please let this be Shawn Mendes.
  9. Been excluded by leaks, so far. Good shout, I guess!
  10. I sure hope so, plus Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Would send me over the roof, definetely
  11. Ken made it clear: for some bands it is not only a matter of money - or better, money is just the starting point, a festival has also to provide a worthwhile service in the process. Massive Attack's situation showed that Mad Cool can be awful at that and this can be a fatality of this element. I prefer to have a weak headliner rather than standing in front of an empty stage waiting for somebody to never show up, so I can live with that. Plus The Strokes are not a deal breaker for me either, and I'm going to Sziget anyway, just to make it clear. Another element I'd like to point out: The Strokes is a fairly capricious band to book, that is common knowledge, so it is more likely that, if Mad Cool is actually that desperate (which I guess is not), they wil go for something cheesier or easier to charm with money, rather than a band that has all the leverage tools on its side to lead a negotiation and that already costs a fortune. About The Black Keys, they won't tour Europe this summer. I know we are not talking about the same exact situation, but I feel some collective-neurosis-vibe over here and somebody has to tell things the way they are more likely to be, from time to time. I'm not enjoying the title of an insider or a leaker, but as I'm not so into The Strokes, I have to admit there are some heavy biases going on in this thread. Might be only me, though, in this case I can only offer my apologies.
  12. If all the consideration of "The Strokes dropping out when negotiation was advanced" were true, the answer is no, simply because at the time Primavera had no Spanish exclusive over them. If those considerations are true, Primavera later turned to be an exclusive show (at least for the festival circuit, since, once we exclude MC, BBK is the only other one able to get them, and they had them the last year). In other words, this is not a point. The Strokes are becoming the My Chemical Romance of February in this forum, and this is annoying in the same exact way: it is really reasonable to believe that they are gone-GONE, as they are announcing different legs of their tour right now. Accept it, deal with it, go over it, buy a ticket for their show elsewhere. I'm sorry to be the dickhead, but this thread is turning more and more into a conspiration theory, where people forces themselves to see signs and stuff: if MC had them they would already announce them, now they lost the sensation leverage anyway, as they have been announced basically everywhere in the whole summer duration or so, so people bought their tickets already and MC wouldn''t make much more money on announcing them (even if they had them). If selling are going good, they will opt for something cheap, if not they will probably turn to something cheesy - as time is passing day by day and acts have already scheduled their tour for the best part. Both the cases, the probability of having some "state-of-the-art" announcement are getting thinner day by day: think about it, how many times you saw a festival announcing your favorite show as last resort? In my case it happend twice maybe in over 7 years and that was just a matter sheer luck.
  13. And Bastille's weak-ass singer, who bought it from Brian Molko, I believe
  14. Guilty pleasures can't be shamed. Teenage-angst/rage dream can't be avoided. Plus, from that wave of music, I'd take Korn anyday over most of the so-called rock bands touring right now (yeah, KoL included). Bizkit, as well: although I hate them for the personality, 3 out of 6 LPs of them are huge (they aged fairly poorly, tho) and they have some killer tracks that I'd love to mosh to, even if you can see Fred Durst's self-hate from the last row of the crowd
  15. Honestly ASAP Rocky and, to some extents, Foals, could play as co-headliner right now. I mean, we are really ready to state that The 1975 is a bigger band than those two? Of course, as Foals are matched with KoL we won't call it a co-headlining structure, but still those are relevant names. I honestly wouldn't ask for more, given what's around in that time
  16. I honestly don't believe Diplo will play in A38. yeah it is big and all, but he will surely follow Major Lazer and that seems like an overkill to put electronic headlining MS, electronic headlining A38, Colosseum, PA and A38 going for their usual electronic schedule. Dunno. I believe Mark Ronson will be sub-headliner (ridicolous? ridicolous.) He subs, leaks confirmed it. So far we have ASAP Rocky, Foals, Stormzy, Ronson, Capaldi and Khalid. In that case it would make 6, 7 with 2DCC and we are up for the main 2 lines of the cartel, along with Eminem and Mendes boy
  17. Yeah, safe. You don't need the camping upgrade to have a perfect spot to chill. They changed the distribution on the site this year, so it is hard to make a prediction on the best spot, but I'll give you my two cents, since I've been to Sziget 6 times already. I honestly prefer the spot between Party arena and Main stage - sure I assume you gonna party the night off, so you will just collapse by dawn and wake up around 11 due to the Main Stage sound check and chill after lunch. It might seem a little bit harsh but: 1) you really will collapse at 6 and you won't care about the bass or the noise anywhere because you are too tired; 2) I have fond memories of 2018 when I woke up to Damon Albarn soundchecking for Gorillaz; 3) There is not really much to do for what concerns music, except for the Lightstage, until 4 PM, so you can really invest that time in recovering and re-hydrate anyway, or chilling out somewhere cool If you want a more chill-out experience, it might be wise to sleep on the southern end of the island (in previous years it was dedicated to Alternativa Camping and Apero Camping, but now I believe it will be free camping): not much shade, so you will have to scout a bit, but it is away from anything so it can be a good call. Downside: there is literally nothing down there, and by nothing I mean nothing; you are miles from the beach - where any good after usually ends, so by 6 am you will have to walk ages to go back to your tent. Another under appreciated site where to camp can be the west side of the island, as close to the coast as they will let you: nobody goes there so you won't have any problem (not that I ever had problems anywhere at Sziget), should be a little bit chilled but close to the area. That is an halfway solution between the two proposed. Having a camping upgrade is a nice to have: it won't improve your experience by tons and lately its price increased in an unreasonable way, so in 2018 I stopped going to Alternativa and, guess what, experience-wise it was even better: I got to know more foreigners (as Alternativa is packed with Italian/Dutch goers), had to live the island even more, blabla. Of course Alternativa means more comfort, and this year also a reasonable spot on the island, but it is not really worth 100+ €, since they won't give you any real benefit, except for a less populated area and some more bathrooms . The VIP Camping is a total ripoff, as the pool is the only thing worth it, unless you are a spoiled ass who needs a real bedroom in a camping festival. Should be there, it will likely be announced later. Budapest relies a lot on Sziget's goers, so it is hard to imagine they give up on the thing. I think they will release Eminem and Shawn Mendes (don't know if in distinct announcements or if in a single) and the day split before the end of the month, and then start the selling of the day tickets before march. Day tickets and 3-days are a consistent slice of their revenues so they won't be able to wait long as they did in the previous years when the options were 5-days or 7-days.
  18. It does make a lot of sense. I am actually too much looking forward to it, as I was for MCR to Mad Cool, so I just want to cool it down a little, because you never know and I don't think I would survive the trauma if they call some Post Malone in his place for any reason
  19. I don't know if I'd sugget to sleep in an hammock at Sziget. The night can be pretty rough and statistically, I cannot remember an edition in the last 7 years in which it hasn't rained at least once. One trick pony festival, the like of R+L. Actually, I believe that RATM+Eminem as a combo might be out of the budget of 99% of the major festivals Agree with you, and I actually would like it to happen, but I belive that she is headliner's material and, although I'd trade her anyday with Shawn Mendes, I find it hard to believe that Sziget has the budget to put her on a sub-headliner spot (especially after those headliner announced - don't forget that Calvin Harris is probably the most expensive EDM dj, as he charges a shitload to play for huge crowds). About Eminem, since Sziget Leaks has been reliable at 95% of the posts, I actually believe him. Surely, if something goes wrong, that would be a big shot in the foot for the festival, the like of The Strokes + MCR at Mad Cool.
  20. This sounds like hell for me. Literally any of the names I wanna see are is on the wrong part of the festivals... Gotta revise my vacations plan. Awful. AFAWK, we have Dua Lipa, Eminem and The Strokes vacant for those dates: 5th, 7th, 9th of August
  21. I mean, yeah, you are right. Don't want to get too much into semantics, but I thought it was quite obvious that - since we are lacking the announcement of the artist itself, the dates on which he would eventually be "confirmed" are provided all by insiders, so not officially set in stone, but yet very reliable. All the guesswork we are doing here, all the "put the puzzle's pieces together", is not only for we have some weird-ass fetish about knowing stuff before press release, but also because people, after months of leakers coming out with repeated thorough leak news, still going with "aNd WhAt aBoUt RaTm" - which is okay, I mean, you do what you wanna do on a public forum, but it brings 0 to the conversation, especially coming from people that creates the account solely for that post and than go back to lurking. Providing some recap may help somebody having his/hers mind clearer, and also may avoid them from asking for legit information that, yet, have been asked like 30 times before (again: legititmately, as nobody forces anybody to go and read 99 pages of posts before writing anything).
  22. The Strokes are headliners everywhere they go: they ask for that slot and if a festival is willing to sustain the expense and to give them the spot, they will play, otherwise they will skip the country. That's the reason why I assume that The Strokes never played Iceland: they are just not popular enough to drag the selling in order to justify the fee the organizers must pay to get them.
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