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  1. lol I am still waiting for a refund of a flight cancelled in early March from Alitalia, good for you!
  2. Yeah yeah, it was not a serious comment, although the lineup looked rather dreadful and I guess that that is objective: I love Rise Against, but they are nowhere close to an headliner spot in 2020 (or 2021 for that matters)! H/S always strikes me for the quality of undercards and how deep they are written in the cartel: I'm sure that it is a festival thought for germans, so the comments from an Italian are not to be taken seriously Always a lot of sense in your comments, I'm glad you are back 100%, pal. A question, tho: where did SBTRKT go? I lost sight of him in 2015 after giving up his performance at Sziget and I regretted it ever since... You have any idea about that?
  3. "Hey we pulled a terrible lineup of headliners this year, but COVID forced us to cancel. Hey, what if the next year we propose the same terrible lineup of headliners all over again?"
  4. Yeah, first time I invest heavily in concert tickets in Italy and now everything will be - best case scenario - delayed to 2021...
  5. Don't forget that it is likely that the entertainment and travel businesses will be deeply hit in the covid aftermath. What today costs 400, tomorrow may cost 600. Of course I'm talking more about transportation and hotels and the like of it, rather than the raw price of a festival ticket - which reflects other kind of business model. This being said, when you commit to such a decision you have to weight the tradeoff between A- Getting back the money and having them, knowing that the re-buy of the ticket may take more money; B- Losing the availability of the money for an average-run, saving the risk of an increased ticket, but also running the risk that for any reason Sziget 2021 (specifically) could not be a thing (another outbreak of covid, Orban deciding that he rather have the island as a private piss-house, potato patato). Honestly, I'd go for A anytime, but that's just me. I mean, I cancelled a flight to Tokyo the 9th of March and I'm still waiting for the money back - so I guess I'm biased about.
  6. Why give over? He is right. Plus, half of the beloved small festivals will be dead and gone by the next year, after this catastrophe. Things will change, it is good to hope for the best and to do your own little effort to make things improve, but you cannot believe that next year it will all be fine and dandy by default, shit has hit the fan and you cannot assume that we ran out of shit yet.
  7. Major festivals have insurance coverages for those kind of event. If they have not, the festival organization will most likely bankrupt - as simple as that.
  8. Here, fixed for you. Nothing wrong, but I think it needed a little correction
  9. “These measures apply only to human-to-human sexual contact, not human-to-animal contact,” she added when questioned about bestiality by reporters." Please tell me this is legit
  10. I thought about this lately. I guess that, business- and marketing-wise, two are the roads they can take: - Hold the line up til the crisis is solved, which means to risk that people stop buying stuff because the buzz dies on one hand, stopping to sign band's contracts they would have to repay in case the fest is cancelled. It would be ethical, preventive and extremely pessimist; - Continue to release names, in the name of the good vibes, because people needs to dream potato patato blah blah blah. Both the roads can be walk. Honestly, five months is a long period and, if we are still looking after the epidemics by that time, festivals would be the last problem of ours. So I think that, so far, Sziget just has kept on its negotiation, has released the announcement it had scheduled from a decent time (the Colosseum) and it is waiting for the news about the infection before scheduling another name's release. Hard to say if by the end of march / half april we should expect some release. My two cents goes on "No, we should not". In my opinion, if they closed all the major contracts (the two headliners, that is) and they work well to keep them, they will be better doing a full lineup release by may / june (not necessarily in one single batch), rather than releasing something big in this period: itwould not have the impact that they desire, as the sellings have decreased significantly for any festival in this period.
  11. Same goes for Stanton Warriors and What So Not... Suggestions are welcome!
  12. Actually, I made a mistake. It is just my assumption but the A38's and Party Arena's nights so far are: TBA - TBA | Elrow: Solardo - Claptone Caribou - Tourist | Stanton Warriors - What So Not - Alison Wonderland - ATLiens Jon Hopkins - TBA | Diplo TBA - TBA | Troyboi Kaytranada - Volac | NGHTMRE Bob Moses - TBA | Bakermat - R3HAB - Sam Feldt Jamie Jones B2B Joseph Capriati - Floating Points | Droeloe - Camelphat More in detail: - It sounds weird to me that Stanton Warriors, Camelphat and Troiboy are in Party Arena. This being said, Caribou-Tourist have a storyline that Im pretty sure will be followed, JJ B2B JC could be swapped in Party Arena in place of Camelpha; - Bob Moses could also play in the later slot in A38 à la Jan Blomqvist in 2018.
  13. Good assumption: as a matter of fact it has been already leaked that Elrow will take place the first day and Claptone will perform there. On the other hand, we have Jon Hopkins + Floating Points and Jamie Jones B2B Capriati + Camelphat on the A38, and this is good!
  14. Too soon to talk. The epidemy might escalate even further, at that point I doubt any event will take place, honestly. On the other hand, I believe we are just victims of media terrorism to some extent, so there is no reason at the moment to be so pessimistic about the situation (and I'm talking as an Italian who lives in the biggest city of the most hit region)
  15. Getting her in the spot of 21 Pilots last year would be HUGE
  16. Simply put, my experience in 2018 was mixed. And it was mixed and not awful exclusively due to the incredible lineup. Everything else was underwhelming: the problems at day 1 with hours in line under the sun with no-fucking-body coming to hand a bottle of water, the subsequent inability to pay with credit card the water once we got in (btw it was something like 2 € for 0,25 l of water), hence the incredible lines at the bars, the over-crowded area (which I reckon they have fixed), the lack of shade in the whole site except for the VIP areas (Madrid in July), the little to zero presence of bathrooms, the Massive Attack incident, the incredibly difficult come back home after each night because the transportation system was inefficient for the vast part of the city (and they communicated the solution adopted only like 2 weeks before), etc. I could go on for a while, but I guess you got the idea.
  17. Roskilde and Sziget are a week-long, Glasto not even gonna gonna compare, Werchter you buy a well established product and same goes for PS. Is Mad Cool "price-convenient"? Yes, as almost any festival, as for that cost you would end up seeing at best 2-3 headliner shows with all the hassle of going to big venues and stuff. Does Mad Cool have a nice-shaped lineup? Yes, despite the fact that they literally shat on fans in the last months, they were far too ahead to lost this game. Is Mad Cool a "good" festival? No, not even close, organization-price-marketing wise is a really stinky piece of shit. Will I go to Mad Cool? Yes, but it probably won't be worth the money I will also spend on Sziget.
  18. They won't. It is likely this will happen with Taylor Swift, tho, as the lineup that day is missing in numbers They did something close to it with Pearl Jam in 2018 if I recall correctly
  19. The only announcement Sziget did not tease AFAIR is the christmas announcement of Bloc Party and Sum41. In 2016. They will tease it
  20. Of course it is not, we have many gaps to fill. Making a quick count, more or less: - 2 Headliners - Up to 2 Sub-Headliners - Around 5-6 more Main Stage spots - Around 6-8 more A38 evening spots - Around 8-10 more A38 late night spots - Half of the Colosseum and Party Arena We are far from done, but taking a closer look, it is easy to understand that they gave a huge shape to the lineup this year, like it or not. I expect no more than 5-6 reasonable big names to come and the rest will be undercards and (hopefully) quality small names
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