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  1. Mad Cool is what? Smaller? Mad Cool is Live Nation, it's not smaller, it's just shorter and messier, but they easily spend the double of the money of Sziget in 4 days on the bands. Major Lazer can co-headline big time, honestly, and moreover, if they play, Diplo is likely to take a spot in the A38 at night or Party Arena as well
  2. Care: the three headliners he had were Eminem, KoL and Calvin Harris. This fourth comes unexpected, as he said he would have returned by the next week. As a fourth headliner, Major Lazer makes sense for the second EDM slot, tho..
  3. Stormzy Or First Order, as for New Order
  4. If they announce by the 17-18, it will be Eminem for sure
  5. Britney Spears is the meme trash concert I always dream about but I am never brave enough to buy tickets for. She belongs in a whole macro-category in which every boyband-pop artist of the late 90s - early 00s belong, which also include: Backstreet Boys, Blue, Aqua, Avril Lavigne, Spice Girls, another time Britney Spears because jesus christ Toxic
  6. Six names announced in this release, that makes me think it will be: Eminem, Shawn Mendes, KoL, 2 EDM, female head. They will take their time for the seventh name that is most likely not yet defined my the Sziget management itself - as The National were not last year. If the situation is correct, the policy of announcement will be similar to the one they used last year: 6 headliners and some very strong names in one strike (Ed Sheeran was released in september due to contractual terms) and one after a while, when they worked out the most of the festival. The decision to invest in KoL and not in The Strokes, thinking about it, might be due to the fact that the investment in FF+21P last year did not pay that well, since the day did not sold out.
  7. The fact that the info about the female headliner are strictly confidential to the point that a leaker cannot leak it, makes me think that she is an exclusive. Sziget did it before (basically KoL in 2015, Pink in 2017, LdR and Mumford in 2018 and Ed Sheeran last year - considered the exclusiveness of Pink and ES), and as Eminem will release some dates the 17/02 (as R&L awaits him as well and maybe PKP too, who knows) he is not an exclusive. This leads to believe that, at best, Shawn Mendes and this Female headliner are exclusives, which is fairly believable. Robyn is not headliner material and Stevie Nicks is definetely out of the meta for this announcement, that is obvious (only the fake leaker So Sad Simone, to hell with him, talked about her). So yeah, those are the two picks I do, Beyonce and Katy Perry, of course there can be others as in the realm of exclusives, possibilities are infinite.
  8. Im referring to this post: On 2/3/2020 at 8:05 PM, Pa712 said: Ok, so we understand that female headliner is not Gaga or Shakira, but maybe one of these: Adele, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Pink, Lana Del Rey, Beyoncé, Britney? Since we said that 3 only headliners are returning acts, we can take out both Rihanna, Pink and Lana Del Rey. That leaves Adele, KP, Beyonce and Britneybitch. All of these are older than Lizzo (with Adele being younger by a couple days), so okay, take her out. Than we have: Katy Perry Beyonce Britney Spears Neither of the three have a tour announced, but as I said, I find hard to believe Britney Spears has so much relevance nowadays, so we have left Beyonce and Katy Perry. Conclusion: await Katy Perry and in best case scenario you will be surprised with Beyonce
  9. The possibilities isolated from the hints are the following: Adele, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Britney Spears (three returning acts are Shawn Mendes, Kings of Leon and Calvin Harris, hence Lana del Rey is excluded). Ruled out Britney Spears, as that would be a meme booking (she was playing minor festivals in Belgium in 2018), the three possibilities left are good for the most part, and given the shape of the lineup I am more susceptible to think it is Beyoncé, rather than Katy Perry. Not that I give a heck, 'cause I will go for a three days around Eminem and Foals whatsoever, but I think that sticking with the worst case scenario (Katy Perry) will leave anybody less disgusted if the booking turns out to be another (and hence, a better booking). EDIT: Also, for as much as I like to moan about the 2017 lineup, I have to give it to them that the A38 that year was probably the best in years taken as a whole, and there were loads of worthy unercards. For what concern the failure of the edition, it was due to the lack of greatness in the names, with only Pink being worth the mention. If this year collects Eminem, one of those singers listed above, Shawn Mendes and Kings of Leon (second biggest name in 2015), it will be a success whatever the effort in the rest of the lineup
  10. Do we have them? It must have slipped my sight, can it be?
  11. Uploaded leak-scheme, then, I guess it is consistent as well at this point
  12. Campbell Haggis = Calvin Harris. EDIT: In fairness, that would be 3 on 3 suggestions that are consistent with Sziget2020_Leaks
  13. Although I remain highly skeptical about this leaker, I just had an half an hour to spare at work, so I made a visual recap of all the details he gave so far (green ones are the one confirmed by the trusted leaker - consider KoL in green as well). There has been very few contradictions, I owe him that, the major one consisting in few details on the female headliner follower by a "no comment policy". Except for Shawn Mendes, Eminem and Foals, the rest of the names has been positioned at random days in credible time-slots. Now, @Sziget2020_Leaks, ball's in your court: you confirm everything, correct/add/remove anything?
  14. Who would have ever dared to think that a whole day fully dedicated to British audience only in the two main stages and a day where the indiest of the name touring is opened by Macklemore wouldn't sell well? Man, I guess the world is turning upside down here. Don't hate the game, hate the gamers: there were some intelligent picks here or there that year, but the whole outcome looked like a rookie job for the best part
  15. Was in Madrid the day before MC18 for that match, went to a tourist-trap british pub in the center and, I mean, I paid kinda lot but I watched the game in the front row and, for a non-involved party in the game, that was actually a cool experience - taken away the fact that I paid something like 25 euros for a mediocre Paella, a sangria glass and a pint and that the day after I almost passed away in queue for the entrance of the goddamn festival
  16. I'd agree with you, but KoL is not a cheap name actually - so is not Shawn Mendes. *IF* this leaker is correct, than I'd rather believe that the triplette will be Eminem - Shawn Mendes - pop name with bonus Kings of Leon. Is it subpar? Absolutely, taken Eminem apart, who remains a colossal booking for a european festival
  17. Yep, in case it is definetely a one-trick-pony edition - likewise last year, with all the due respect: it was so evident they put everything on Ed Sheeran and 21P-Foo Fighters that the rest of the lineup looked empty at best
  18. (I'd rather considering The Chemical Brothers EDM than Kings of Leon rock)
  19. IMHO, he is the only legacy-act in the hip hop scene nowaday and one of the main representatives of the early 00s music. Might have aged fairly bad (not that anybody expected the opposite, quite frankly), but he still resides in the category of performers "you gotta see, cause you owe it to the your younger self" for many born in the early 90s.
  20. I'll probably sound nasty-minded, buuuuut... with the amount of ghostwriters and co. these new "singer-songwriters" have, I'd be gutted if that requires more than 4-5 months to work up and be ready to release a new album. It is more about the recovery time of the performer, rather than the excruciating fatigue of coming up with a new pop hit, IMO. More likely they contracted something similar from the beginning, especially if that will turn out to be an european / festival exclusive - everybody knew that Mendes-Kygo would have been a killer day in terms of selling -, I'm on this man's boat, but whatever, let's play the game
  21. I'd go for Eminem alone. The point It is not that I'd rather not watch the other names, but that I would straight avoid the rest of them. Really poor bookings and weak headliners. The big popstar image already failed in 2015, just get over it and get some barely-critical acclaimed, that's not the Super Bowl half-time; Bon Iver Is kinda poor as a festival headliner and that came from almost anybody who went to see them last time, and KoL are a huge meh everytime they are called at a festival... Can't really see anybody excited about them since ages. Sadly yes... Back in the day he was a Trance-music legend and in that era he would have been a cool booking. Now he just turned to the Classic EDM big room thing and from time to time plays some trance mix, but just for a few minutes in an entire set.
  22. If you care about having some credibility now on in this forum, I'd drop some concrete info, because right now you are as good as So Sad Simon and this looks like just buying time to perpetrate a straight-up trolling. I have all the interest in believing you but, I'm sorry to say that right now all the odds are against you, from unusual headliners (I mean, not unusual as Selena Gomez at least) to this Dua Lipa thing.
  23. Nevermind, Dua Lipa is not at Balaton - you are not legit. Anyway, no DJ Snake, just announced at Balaton (EDIT: also, thanks God)
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