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  1. Those are all ones we know so far, maybe add Metronomy and Nothing But Thieves. Given that on A38 and MS no more than 15-18 names are left, I'd say we know enough... don't get it all spoiled. Also, no London Grammar or Liam Gallagher so far, AFAIR
  2. I get the fact that Blink 182 are one of those live you "owe" to your teenage years (same as Eminem, to many extents), but, trust me, they are the worst live act I have ever seen - Tom DeLonge was still in the band (and I don't know if that was a good or a bad), but it was painful and embarassing
  3. Eminem - ASAP Rocky Kings of Leon (+) - Foals (+) Dua Lipa - Mark Ronson Calvin Harris (+) - [Two Door Cinema Club] The Strokes - Lewis Capaldi Shawn Mendes (+) - Khalid (+) Major Lazer (+) - Stormzy (With + the dates confirmed)
  4. You are right, IMO it will go like: Shawn Mendes Kings of Leon Dua Lipa Calvin Harris The Strokes Eminem Major Lazer
  5. They missed little to nothing. A38 was just DnB, Party Arena was truly shit that night and the only decent acts were on the Colosseum, but it rained cats and dogs, so I felt like i was held hostage by the island at one point
  6. Yet he also said that Foals and Eminem are in the same 3 days bracket, so that is misleading now. I honestly can't care less, but I heard a lot of people complaining for the lack of fireworks and shitty music on the last night. Just give the kids what they want.
  7. Thanks god, marketing is a little more than "getting trashed under facebook posts"
  8. No, I wouldnt expect more names either, the reactions have been very good so far. I actually would hope and expect that the day split Is released, in order to start the day-ticket campaign
  9. No, I think the bid for that artist went over the roof and they fell back on Dua Lipa
  10. When it comes to festivals, tour dates usually indicates the first night. If you look at Dua Lipa's site, it says the same thing. Wait for Em's announcement and hopefully the day split will follow. I cant use any of these names without a decent day split, I don't really know why festivals still release this way: okay, I'm happy there is people I'm willing to watch but I wanna know how many painful clash I'll have to go through to actually watch them.
  11. Extremely complex work to do and to analyze. I did mine as well, of course days are all over the place, but still it works. In orange the names mentioned between the leaks that haven't been released in this block of names - in green the guys I believe belongs here or there but I literally listened to 5 seconds each. I strongly believe that they broke the tradition to announce the Colosseum's lineup in a special announcement, as I cannot see that number of techno DJs to play A38 or Party Arena. I have more than few doubt about my analysis, hence I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE THAT GODDAMN DAY SPLIT SO I WILL KNOW WHAT THE FUCK MY FATE WILL BE
  12. Major Lazer, Calvin Harris, Kings of Leon, The Strokes
  13. Shawn Mendes, Major Lazer, Calvin Harris, Kings of Leon, The Strokes GO
  14. Can see Mark Ronson, definetely. Where? I hope in the in bin, but I can see him actually
  15. Looks odd that they would not tease it a little more, given the magnitude of the announcement, tho... weird if they do not release (because leakers would fail), weird if they do (because that is an odd strategy)
  16. Yep, I thought that "authorized" leaking is starting to be a thing. Do you confirm the announcement today 6 pm gmt+1? Or am I totally wrong?
  17. No, female headliner is very very likely to be Dua Lipa. Pink has never been discussed. Looks like it will be something like: HEADLINERS: Eminem; The Strokes; Shawn Mendes; Kings of Leon; Calvin Harris; Major Lazer; Dua Lipa SUB-HEADLINERS: A$AP Rocky; Foals; Khalid; Two Door Cinema Club; Stormzy; Lewis Capaldi; ??? We basically have all the info we need, why trying to confuse the plot just to fuel random hopes?
  18. Negotiation for Katy Perry (or whoever) went wrong and they had to go for a plan B and steal a Dua Lipa's contract made for Balaton and adjust it to Sziget? Could see that happening. Honestly, I'd take Dua Lipa over Katy Perry anyday, although none of the names are really of an interest to me. 80 names is impressing. I expect a lot of Party Arena and Colosseum in (breaking the habit a little bit, I suppose); I could not cope up with more than 50 names (and the list surely includes Eminem and Shawn Mendes), so I guess I will be up for a surprise anyway, and that is necessarily a good thing.
  19. I'd go with Dua Lipa (or whoever she is) and Shawn Mendes. The first because it is legitimate to think that the contract is not sealed yet, the second because, according to Leaks, will have daily tickets increased in price. This announcement won't require quality, the quantity should be enough, and if my analysis is correct, having two rock headliners (KoL and The Strokes?) and two EDM headliners (Calvin Harris and Major Lazer?) will satisfy a little both the opposite poles of goers
  20. I go for: Stormzy, Two Door Cinema Club, Slowthai, Tom Greenan, Denzel Curry. By a long shot, I also hope for RTJ (will not happen tho), Girl in Red, The Bronx, Gallows and Danny Brown.
  21. RATM + Eminem seemed more like a Coachella/Glasto budget. Anyway, standard english festival mainly appealling to english goers (rightfully, I say). Will probably look for Wien's tickets for RATM - the rest is nothing of astonishing for a "european" .
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