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  1. Well Artists I would love to see next year are not in any order, Metallica, Oasis (I know not very likely), Muse, Iron Maiden again, Guns n Roses & Foo Fighters to return
  2. Diversity is fine, and I agree that a variety of Artists is a good thing, I just thought Russ was utter tripe, but then that is a personal opinion that will get me down voted once again lol
  3. Brilliant glad I will get to see them
  4. Down voted for not liking rap music lmao got to love some of the people here who dislike a personal opinion lmao
  5. Can't be as bad as Russ was this year, I appreciate some like rap music, but what place has a rap artist at an alleged Rock Festival?
  6. Any guesses on who will be playing? Hellfest in France the same weekend Slayer have already been announced, looks good they will play Graspop on their fairwell tour
  7. Should have gone to Graspop it was everywhere there this year, hardly noticed any at RW
  8. Maiden were brilliant at Graspop this year
  9. For me a great time, was a bit gutted for London Grammer on the Friday evening when Belgium played Brazil, it was like a ghost town until the game finished. Loved Queens of the Stoneage and having a sing along when Noel started on some of his classic Oasis tracks Little By Little, Wonderwall & Don't look back in anger, but the highlight for me was Saturday afternoon at the Hive Resort for the football England v Sweden, such singing such as your s**t but ya birds are fit was quality, great atmosphere friendly and great fun. Spent half of Sunday at the Jupiler Stage drinking, god did my Liver regret that lol Looking Forward to next year, with RW being the same weekend as Glastonbury, we should get some big headliners playing different days from Glastonbury to RW and Vice Versa, hoping for Metallica, wife hoping for Muse, seems like there is a good chance we will both be pleased.
  10. KOL didnt impress me in 2017
  11. With the Slope now being a stage, is there enough acts on the finalised Line up for all 4 of them? Has someone done an updated stage clash chart thing?
  12. Looking forward to Wolf Alice as i have never seen them before, is anyone staying in the hive ADL?
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