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  1. That one is a fake one, the official is still empty, except for the song "Waar de Fuck ben ik" ("Where the fuck am I" in English).
  2. I don't really understand the ticketing system. Can you buy a combo-ticket for Massive Attack + Tame Impala, or do you have to buy separate tickets for both events?
  3. Unfortunately not, so when they had small gigs in the steamboat, you had to settle for Brand beer (not bad, but not as nice as Lagunitas).
  4. And last year we had a Lagunitas steamboat bar, which was awesome.
  5. Tomorrow 10:00 Dutch time. (9:00 English)
  6. No, they already have a Belgium show (and normally have short tour).
  7. That's quite a big step down from last year's headliners, at least for someone from outside the UK.
  8. DTRH itself has also grown since 2015.
  9. In the Netherlands and Belgium. Nowhere else I believe.
  10. Voszy

    2019 Headliners

    I think they promote it as the oldest festival still existing which has been held every year.
  11. The Cure plays 11th, Bon Iver 13th. However, I still think Bob Iver is not a headliner.
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