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  1. The Good The bad & the Queen 24th or 25th looks good
  2. Hello, I want to fly from Poland with my friend on The Strokes day and I don't hide that we want to reduce costs wherever possible. So we are looking for any place to stay for 3 or 4 nights in London. So my question is, do London has any person who wants help two souls which dream is to see their favourite band?:D If somebody wants to help us or know any forum with people wanting help, please write to me there. I will be very thankful! So, see ya I hope!
  3. And where is this Santa? I don't understand a strategy of Alter Art.
  4. I think Metallica and Sir McCartney are to big for Opener. My Predictions for headliners are: Muse, Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer, maybe Jack White and QOTSA, Drake/Kanye West from pop/rap staff. The Cure is also possible and looking for released albums there are chance for Panic at The disco, Fall Out Boy and Arcade Fire. From smaller but still big names Interpol is my 100% bet and maybe less sure Twenty one piltos, Greta van Fleet, Editors, Foster The People, Pixies, The Kooks, Franz Ferdinand and Alice in Chains.
  5. What's your predictions guys?
  6. Alter Art is fucking with us. Kali was on Alter Stage but now on Main... The same with Glass Animals who were on Tent
  7. Maybe they will give us a gift for Children's Day...
  8. What do you think, it's possible we will have any announcement tommorow?
  9. I don't know what's going on with Open'er but is going wrong :/
  10. 3 weeks waiting and this, i'm very disappointed
  11. Ooo sorry i was sure that was Friday.
  12. It can be friday like last acts
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