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  1. Who we thinking for rap headliner then?
  2. Guys anyone know where the box office is in reading? They fucked my mates ticket order up and he has to go there . We Parking in white
  3. Still the biggest crime of the year that they didn’t book Denzel Curry
  4. Can see a very full r1 tent on the Sunday
  5. Heard some buzz about Sam Fender on FR. got nothing to back it up but yeah take what you want from that
  6. Are brockhampton anywhere when the fest is on? New album coming out in August and secret set could be big hype for them. Wishful thinking I know
  7. Maybe you me at six? Do some older stuff/rarities then to the main stage set
  8. I think after fredo and before dave personally is where it would be
  9. 5th main with a really average indie band above him
  10. I reckon both pretty unlikely to be honest
  11. My mate needs one and I want him to come. Please x
  12. Think a lot of people are hoping for this. He’s in London on the 16th so could be too much of a gap but who knows I’m shit at doing the guessing haha
  13. Would be a great moment for the festival if Kanye brought his a game
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