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  1. Been considering it but I like to dedicate myself to a good spot
  2. The Dave album is putting me in abit Of a dillema. Was certain I was going to watch the 1975 but not so sure now.
  3. Yeah that was my thoughts. He’d close both sites. Travis closing reading and bmth closing Leeds
  4. Green day Weeknd/catfish travis Scott/bmth
  5. Not sure they’d book foals over catfish. Shame though this would be a great weekend
  6. I’m not a huge foals fan but this album is nothing short of top notch
  7. Skibadee tends to make dog noises though😂
  8. SASASAS are so cringeworthy though (then again so are 21P)
  9. Fantastic news that Gerry Cinnamon hasn’t been booked though.
  10. Couldn’t agree more she’s more than earnt that slot.
  11. Yeah any of those 3 + Danny brown taking high 1 xtra/mid radio one slots would have been nice but oh well
  12. Gutting wanted to catch sulta before foo fighters
  13. I’m still so pleasantly surprised at how good main stage Friday at reading is
  14. Where would denzel curry be positioned if he was announced Thursday?
  15. Any thoughts who the mystery rapper will be?
  16. Fair enough. Would have been nice to have more of tpab played and maybe some section 80. Hence my thoughts if he headlines outright maybe more time to do as such? Oh well
  17. Any chance of a full Kendrick headline slot?
  18. Fair I hope he does think a band adds real depth to live hip-hop
  19. also did post have a band last year? If no will he have one this year now he’s headlining
  20. Dave closing dj set chase and status return to jungle
  21. It’s a predicament cuz wanna watch them both and Mura Masa so abit of a dillema for me personally. Post should close though
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