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  1. There’s no way the chemical bros will co headline. Wrong crowd
  2. @Dan Wilcox please can we have a tiny slither or information. I beg
  3. My chemical romance subbed by bmth liam Gallagher headlining leeds subbing reading in a Cohead with Travis Scott the weeknd subbed by catfish Heard it here first
  4. Unrelated but I fucking love this festival. So gassed for it already.
  5. He was billed as ‘very special guest’
  6. mine would defo be brockhampton. Hadn’t really heard of them til they were being hyped to play in that long long wait for the 2018 announcement
  7. Best case scenario headliners?
  8. 4 main stages. liam g and courteeneers co headlining all of them. lil nas x opening
  9. Could potentially if they had a big sub. Think travis Scott into fob 2018
  10. Muse and giggs 2017 Travis Scott and brockhampton 2018
  11. I fancy abit of optimism. what is the BEST set of headliners (in your opinion) we could get this year?
  12. I’m 21 and agree pal. I do like them but very few of my friends would have any interest in seeing them
  13. I think it really depends on the nature of the act and the hype around them. Fob in 2018 was an atrocious booking regardless of them playing two years prior (billed as co-head and yes I k ke biffy closed both sites). ‘Legacy’ acts like foos,am,muse I think should be 4 years at the absolute minimum but if someone suddenly blows up I think 3 years would be okay if the popularity and demand was there.
  14. Used to be a jazz fest but you don’t hear people crying over the lack of bleeding gums Murphy
  15. Think the cyber bullying needs to stop
  16. Yeah but no brockhampton/slowthai on the bill surely means they’re playing
  17. I am distraught. Gunna be full of bucket hat ‘lads’ ruining non Liam g sets with their chanting
  18. someone up and coming, someone legendary and someone godlike
  19. Gotta have slowthai and Denzel curry somewhere on the lineup
  20. I am heartbroken that I wasn’t given the opportunity to vote for cypress hill
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