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  1. Imagine if Maiden or Kiss got booked instead if RATM
  2. Xeph1995

    2020 headliners

    Rage are far too big for that it would be chaos.
  3. Xeph1995

    2020 headliners

    RATM are the greatest live band of all time, would be a great booking.
  4. Xeph1995

    Sold out

    Ngl, Pretty gutted. Going to volunteer instead. That's the worst I've seen the servers in all years of trying
  5. Qotsa after like clockwork, villains was a bit of a flop for anyone who wasnt already a big fan.
  6. Damn Devin only doing bloodstock.
  7. Xeph1995

    2020 wishlists

    Quite like to see Queens of the Stone Age, Maybe Sleep for the Shangrila metal spot. Other than that what ever the farm throws at me.
  8. While normally is agree, weren't Maiden on at the same time? All your double denim dinosaurs could have gone there. While everyone bored of seeing maiden on the bill would have had a decent option other than Jane's addiction. I'm scared of that too, Soad, deftones and gojira are my biggest pulls this year and I'd hate to have to choose between any of them.
  9. Queens of the stone age should have headlined by now, I'm leaning towards they dont really care? I cant Imagine copping hasn't at least been in communication.
  10. One of the problems I have with download is that for example in 2016 Gojira where 2 bands down from Saxon in a small tent, I'm sorry but Gojira should have been headlining that tent, Gojira are hugely popular with the younger metal audience and are absolutely killer live, Saxon are passed it and arent all that great. Bookings like that are are just shooting themselves in the foot if you ask me.
  11. Ozzy Played in 1984, I consider the old MoR and Download to be the same festival.
  12. The problem isnt with the headliners its with the Download ticket buyers, the audience base is very split in the UK unfortunately we will never see Bands headlining Wacken or Bloodstock that arguable could headline download do it because of this. The Dream would be to see download have a line up like Hellfest but i just dont see it working especially not when you can just go to hellfest. EDIT: Download has tried to hard to remain the "biggest" UK rock festival and its tried to appease so many different fan bases that its lost a lot of the niche fans who might rather go to Desert Fest or Bloodstock just examples. Its kind of hard for them to safely bump people up imo without half of the fans scratching their heads.
  13. Now that Matt Pike is back playing live, imagine Sleep or high on fire headlining one of the tents, a man can dream. I dont think sleep have ever played which seems odd to me.
  14. Aerosmith wont be back. Last time they played was their last uk show.
  15. Xeph1995

    2020 headliners

    The only decent fleetwood mac was Peter Greens era. Never been fussed about Lindsey Stevie eras.
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