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  1. Xeph1995

    Flops 2019

    Was dragged along with my friends when they played in 16 and I was bored the whole set.
  2. Jazz is so electrifying live in a small tent with dancing, even half decent ones pull it off.
  3. They were banging tbf, completely forgot about them, complete haze half the festival
  4. Was this the Wednesday or Thursday ? I might have seen the same band. Jazz is electric live, studio doesn't do it justice.
  5. Xeph1995

    Photos please

    Bit late to the party only just charged my phone but this was the Sunday morning sunrise me and a friend witnessed. The Farm really is stunning.
  6. I couldn't believe how much good jazz was on offer this year, felt like most tents I strolled into had some roaring brass band. The Commet is coming and the sons of khemet were particularly excellent, their sets in the worm hole were bopping. Nice to see such a revival just in time for the 20s. Hope everyone else apreciated as much as I!
  7. Xeph1995

    Photos please

    Last moment of Glastonbury at the stone circle
  8. haha, I really hope I find one I got well accustomed to wearing that thing!! new I shoulda bought two
  9. Hey guys this might be a stretch but on the Wednesday I bought a headband that was cotten I think and multi coloured to keep my hair out of the wind. I absolutely loved that thing and it was gunna be a stable of my wardrobe haha, anyway during the cure I lost it. I was wondering if someone can point my in the right direction to find out just like it. Ill post some pictures bellow many thanks, I upload some more ones my phone is charged too, did my best keeping the "drugy ones out" hope you all had a good fest. also if anyone has a list of the shops that were there would be cool!
  10. Bliie Eilish and Lizzo are 100% coming back after their performances. completely blew me away as just a neutral who a slight interest in them.
  11. Awe man sorry to hear that, I thought he put on a right show, we climbed up the hill after his set to have a drink and "sort ourselves out" and tbh the cat power set looked very lack luster in comparison kind of felt bad that they followed him.
  12. NGL he should have headlined that stage, cat powers crowd was tiny and looked pretty bad.
  13. I honestly think Micheal Kiwanuka should have headlined the park stage, his show, vibe and sound were far superior than Cat powrer IMO, he crows was tiny in comparison I think they really miss judged that one. With all due respect to cat power i just don't get why she was headlining that stage just my two cents though had an absolutely sick weekend.
  14. 1. The Cure 2. Micheal Kiwanuka ( He should have headlined the park ) 3. The Commet is Coming
  15. Tool were unbelievable, I was absoultely in awe, everyone round me was belting the words. Maynard voice was really on point and the others were so tight, definitely worth the wait to see them, will see them at every chance I get.
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