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  1. I decided I'd actually save and bring more spending money this time and treat myself to a few cold ones from the bars every day.
  2. Just sad down and listened to some songs with the GF and I think we both were in agreement she is so bad jesus what was Emily thinking.
  3. Thats just my first point, the 2nd point is that even the under card for me isn't looking promising bar 1 act. Again we do have the 2nd announcement to look forward too. I am not acting for too much I think maybe 3-5 Bands. out for the whole lot. This to me is why its a Weak line up. That being said I'm still going to have a great weekend.
  4. I think its just we have been spoilt for choice for a while, this is the first time in about 10ish years there hasn't been Pyramid/Other/West Holts/John Peel/The Park headliner that hasn't got me really buzzing. Hopefully that changes with the next round of announcements. Edit: Maybe in 15+ Edit 2: Okay so 2002 and 1994 are the only last line ups that would leave me scratching my head for at least 1 headliner on one of the stages. in the last 20ish years And I mean I'm really only asking for 1 Act on one of the stages somewhere across the weekend to enjoy a nice headline show.
  5. By day 2 my tastes buds are usually pretty gone so I can drink or eat anything tbf
  6. What ever you find that is the cheapest and largest volume. Warm cans all taste the same to my mouth, so no point in spending more on certain brands when its going to be warm before you even open one.
  7. Xeph1995

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Regardless of the deal or lack off we get there is going to be decades of bitterness by everyone who wanted to remain. And I am confident that a bigger majority would want to stay if a 2nd referendum where to take place.
  8. Xeph1995

    Brexit at Glasto?

    I mean everyone in my circle of human interaction is completely fine with FoM. FoM is something that that I strongly believe in.
  9. Xeph1995

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Because Mays red lines are causing a huge issue.
  10. Xeph1995

    Brexit at Glasto?

    The Torries and the Right-Wing media just like to claim labour have no plan because they have nothing positive to say about their own. The whole talk shit about someone till it sinks propaganda campaign.
  11. I was actually given some Pot in return for some sugar many Glastonbury ago buy some older folk who had ran out and wanted some cuppas. I originally just gave them some sugar because I didnt want anything in return and they came back 20 mins later with some of their home grown stuff haha.
  12. The Festival Pot this year really isn't too great is it.
  13. Xeph1995

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Which of his and the Labour parties policies do you actually disagree with? Everyone slags labour off but when you start listing their policies off without telling them where it comes from most people seem to agree then you mention him or the party and they instantly back off.
  14. That is worse. Id kill to have Gary Clark Jr if that line up though, he was killer last time he played.
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