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  1. That's the problem they have on their hands though, when all the nailed on headliners retire which tbh is kind of round the corner where do they go when bands like Deftones arent given the bump. I'd probably argue that Deftones are the most worthy of it out of the contenders.
  2. New Deftones album slaps... Why they haven't been given the bump up yet is beyond me.
  3. Mine doesn't take much thought tbh, would have to be Tool 2019, seeing Intolerance live was a dream. Not my footage but, undertows songs are such a treat.
  4. I've seen SOAD 3 times and loved every one. their best performance was the Wake Up the Souls tour in London, that night was nothing short of amazing, check the set list. Worst performance was download but I still loved every moment of it. SOAD only have bangers, they don't have one bad song. Even if they don't play well you can bet the crowd is going to sing every word to every song and have a real good time.. That's why they make a good booking because of atmosphere. RATM would be the crown jewel of bookings, I almost had to cry myself to sleep when I found out covid ruined my chances of seeing them again... Jokes aside though, they are hands down the best live band to see in terms of performance and atmosphere, check out the hyde park gig the whole crowd is jumping in unison.
  5. Why have download failed to book Qotsa for headliner? I feel like there is far more crossover between metal/rock fans for Qotsa than Biffy. Most people I know who love metal all like Kyuss and therefore quite like Qotsa. Their old stuff is bonafide stoner rock and have some alright new tunes. Biffy on the other hand just always seem very uninspired.
  6. I'm a bit dissapointed that R&L keep doing joint headliners? It's a trend I hope would die out but seems like it's sticking. Hellfest and Wacken do two mainstages and it's a shit view believe me. Having one mainstage is Always preferable for an equal view for all.
  7. Tbh I've rather see them do their own show than Leeds fest so it's not all bad, just gutted, I suppose whats another year added on too 10.
  8. I can't believe I've waited 10 years to see Rage Against the Machine back together and r&l drop that. I'm hoping for that off chance Eavis goes ahead and pulls them out of the bag.
  9. I've waited 10 or so years to see Rage Against the Machine and now they aren't even playing. Absolutely wounded, never been so sad about a festival announcement tbh.
  10. Imagine being Andy Copping and booking Kiss and Maiden over RATM. top kek
  11. Kinda shocked Download decided to miss RATM. Count me at leeds. fucking pumped.
  12. Xeph1995


    Saw them at download a fea years back when my friends dragged me along, not gunna lie they were fairly boring. Definitely one of the least thrilling of the weekend.
  13. That list is cringe worthy, this is why download doesnt sellout every year.
  14. What would be more your scene then just curious? first of all, the undercard at hellfest has always been why it's been the best rock/metal festival in europe for the last 5 or more years, no matter what sub genre you like there is something there for you, Stoner, Doom, Thrash, Death, Prog, Black are all represented thoroughly which is something download lacks. Hellfest is like Download, Blood stock, Arctangent, dessert fest and a few others mixed into one package. The headliners this years are all big enough to headline download, Soad have multiple times, FNM have and still should their downgrade to sub last time was a bit unfair, Deftones have been big enough for years but for some reason dont get the push. Also their are plenty of bands at download on the under card that wouldn't get a sniff at hellfest because they are shit.
  15. If download had a hellfest line up it would sell out every year. Copping is just shit at picking bands
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