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  1. Imagine being Andy Copping and booking Kiss and Maiden over RATM. top kek
  2. Kinda shocked Download decided to miss RATM. Count me at leeds. fucking pumped.
  3. Xeph1995


    Saw them at download a fea years back when my friends dragged me along, not gunna lie they were fairly boring. Definitely one of the least thrilling of the weekend.
  4. That list is cringe worthy, this is why download doesnt sellout every year.
  5. What would be more your scene then just curious? first of all, the undercard at hellfest has always been why it's been the best rock/metal festival in europe for the last 5 or more years, no matter what sub genre you like there is something there for you, Stoner, Doom, Thrash, Death, Prog, Black are all represented thoroughly which is something download lacks. Hellfest is like Download, Blood stock, Arctangent, dessert fest and a few others mixed into one package. The headliners this years are all big enough to headline download, Soad have multiple times, FNM have and still should their downgrade to sub last time was a bit unfair, Deftones have been big enough for years but for some reason dont get the push. Also their are plenty of bands at download on the under card that wouldn't get a sniff at hellfest because they are shit.
  6. If download had a hellfest line up it would sell out every year. Copping is just shit at picking bands
  7. Ngl hellfest completely destroys all over metal/rock festivals again. I see nothing strange about deftones headlining. They should have been given the bump ages ago.
  8. Lol download is actually so shit in comparison it's not even funny anymore, another solid effort from hellfest
  9. Xeph1995

    2020 headliners

    If rage end up playing Glastonbury the year I fail to get tickets, volunteer or resale I think I'll just give up hope on living, lock myself in my room haha
  10. I'm with you download is bang average as far as festival experience goes, its better than Leeds and Reading but that's about it.
  11. Xeph1995

    2020 headliners

    Not really I didnt even know they were songs, Shes so Heavy, a Day in the Life, Lucy in the Sky, I am the walrus, I think I prefer the more lenon songs, I dont know enough about them to know who wrote what though.
  12. Bit disappointed, High on Fire, Down both at grasspop and in euorpe and not booked. Was hopping to see them.
  13. Xeph1995

    2020 headliners

    Not to fussed I'm missing out on him, he doesn't play the Beatles songs I'd like to hear fo be honest.
  14. Imagine if Maiden or Kiss got booked instead if RATM
  15. Xeph1995

    2020 headliners

    Rage are far too big for that it would be chaos.
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