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  1. A Terrorist would surely target the queue rather than the festival though right? saves £250 on a ticket and the risk of a security check whilst still targeting a densely populated area.
  2. Another tip i've spotted frequenting this forum, Is people recommending tying either pet collar bells or a carrier bag full of empty cans to your tent zip so a nice racket is made if anyone tries to get in your tent while you sleep.
  3. Robyn91


    Sorry if its old news but I've just been sent this by a friend and its great for drumming up the excitement if your stuck in work today.... https://jwp.io/s/vvz91AZg
  4. Robyn91

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    We bring one of those little pine tree car air fresheners to hang just inside the tent. Coming back to a tent that doesn't smell like a hamster cage just makes you feel much cleaner. Also when packing your clothes, pack some dryer sheets in the bag, it makes your clothes smell freshly washed and once you've started to feel a little swampy a nice smelling jumper does wonders for the soul.
  5. Best bit of advice I can think off, is don’t stress yourself out too much over it. Everyone’s always trying to do it in a new and exciting way, trying not to be too cliché, but in the end it doesn’t really matter. Your girlfriend really wont care about how you did it, you’ve just asked her to spend the rest of your life with you – She’ll be delighted no matter how you ask. As long as you have the means and energy to celebrate at the best party in the world, you honestly could ask her in a long drop and she’d still be over the moon!!
  6. My now husband proposed to me back in 2014 at the top of the Ribbon Tower on the Friday morning. We waited until a fallow year to get married so we had something to look forward to. We went with about 30 people but he took me off on my own to ask the question. It was lovely & when he got on one knee I actually thought he was grabbing a drink after climbing all of those steps. Everyone was really happy for us and it really was a lovely day. When we returned to camp I couldn’t wait to tell everyone my news however they were already in on the surprise and gave a massive cheer as we got back and threw an amazing party all day for us. Really was such an amazing place to celebrate. **Funny story earlier that morning on our way to The Park my mum rang me from a strangers phone, spangled and exhausted as she’d been up all night and couldn’t find her tent. I asked her where she was in order to help her find the tent and she responds between a blue and red tent. We spent a good few hours first trying to find my mum (a few helpful strangers helped her explain her location fully) & then her tent. I had no idea my husband was about to propose and was taking everything in my stride but he was getting really sweaty and agitated – I thought it was out of genuine concern for my mum having no idea why he’d suggested an early morning visit up the Ribbon Tower, which I was in no way enthusiastic about after helping my mum find her tent all morning. ***I was also terrified of losing the ring so literally covered my finger in plasters for the remainder of the weekend as not to lose it down a long drop.
  7. @incident & @dondo Thanks both, its definatley food for thought and I guess its ultimately down to what everyone's priorities are. But its something I'd definatley like to try in future
  8. Out of curiosity are some volunteering positions better than others? I’ve seen people desperate to get in certain positions and completely discarding suggestions of others? Like favouring recycling crew over bar work etc… Are there really some jobs better than others? Or are there preferred working hours/ time of day needed to work/ mates volunteering with certain organisations/ recommendations/ better benefits, which swing people to make their decisions? Literally asking out of curiosity as I’ve never volunteered at the festival, but its something I’d like to in future, just to try something different. There are people that will only volunteer rather than ticket it, so it must be good 😊
  9. Another interesting view point is the way we encourage others to clean up after themselves. For example I’ve witnessed people literally shouting in peoples faces as they dropped they’re recycling into the wrong bin & I can understand how people might get their back up and rebel as two fingers to the person that shouted at them. Rather than stop think and remember why they should be tidying after themselves. Also I’ve seen people asking for advise on tents, camping gear etc on online forums before and sometimes 1 in two replies is like “anything as long as you take it home and don’t leave it behind”, it come across really preachy and leave a bitter taste in your mouth, especially when your only asking for advice and had every intention of bringing it home with you. Its much better to educate and encourage others to clean up after themselves, someone here mentioned handing your neighbours some bin bags and politely asking them if they’d like to clean the area around they’re tents etc. Without being patronising its almost like the way we educate children, by asking if they’d like to help and giving them tools rather than shouting, nagging and preaching. Its makes people feel like they’re helping and a part of something (which I guess they are). It’s a much nicer and ‘probably’ more effective way than tutting and insulting them in muffled tones. And there’s also the lead by example way of looking at it once people see you doing it there much more likely to help themselves. I think the majority of the tents left behind are more so from the “I cant be bothered, I’m too knackered people” rather than the “I don’t care, the world can burn people”. A possible solution could be a paid for luggage drop off service maybe. For example you could take your tent/chairs/bags to a drop off, tag your bag with whichever car park/ coach/ drop off your heading to and at once you get to the car park/ coach/ drop off you show a ticket and collect at the other end (after a certain time clearly). This obviously comes with its own problems (e.g. lost baggage/ more vehicles/ queues) however it’s a suggestion I haven’t heard before. Would also be useful for those leaving Sunday as I cant imagine carrying all of your stuff around/ out of the festival whilst its still in full swing can be much fun.
  10. Although I’m not sober. I look forward to the food at the festival as much as I do the music. ❤️
  11. Robyn91

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    I salute you. I can Barely blow a candle out 😂
  12. One of my first Glastonbury’s I went with my mum, shed already tried the she wee’s and insisted i try one. So come Friday afternoon, I’m absolutely busting for a wee and the nearest toilet is the she wee to the left of the pyramid. There’s a fairly big queue however the ladies waiting take pity on my 17 year old self doing an Irish jig and whimpering and let me skip the line. I grab the she wee from the water aid lady and when she asks have I ever tried one before I nod, run and steady myself on the nearest urinal. I was so desperate there was no time for dignity so I pull my trousers down to my ankles position my self with one arm and pop the she wee in place and release. seconds later I hear historical screaming laughing and look around to see what the fuss was. I’d accidentally positioned the she wee backwards and was stood half naked with a fountain of p*ss shooting out of my ass, all over the floor, my trousers and anything within a 2ft radius. I just spot my mum mutter ffs and walk away like she didn’t even know me. Luckily everyone around found it hilarious and I didn’t get told off. However that was the day I learned never to try a new way to pee when your absolutely busting 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂
  13. Robyn91

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    A battery air bed pump can double up as a hair dryer in desperate situations 👍
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