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  1. I proposed to my fiancee on the Thursday in 2017 near the big tree in the Pyramid field. I knew she didn't want a big crowd around so it was a very discreet proposal but (I think) she was happy! I wanted to get it out of the way on the Wednesday but it was so hot and everyone in our group was a bit grouchy. We are getting married on the Saturday before this year's festival, and then heading to Glasto a few days after. Good luck! I'm sure it'll go well however you decide to do it!
  2. Should probably say any of The Smiths tunes he plays, but just because its a banger of his own, I'll say Easy Money.
  3. Always the first tin after the tent is up.
  4. I'm getting married the weekend before Glasto. Most of the wedding party are going to be trying to get tickets, us included, and I wouldn't want to make the mistake of making them choose between the two. I'd be most nervous about the bride choosing Glasto over the wedding to be fair. On that note, I know which I would choose too...
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