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  1. Me me me, I'm a loiterer 🖐️ I'm not a new member as such but I have been watching in the efests shadows for quite a while now, mainly using it as a pick me up on dark and gloomy lunch breaks. This year will be my 5th glasto and I absolutely can not wait. Hoping for a Foals Sunday other headline slot to cap off what will no doubt be the glasto of all glastos.
  2. We got the coach from London last year and it took just over 4 hours. A lot of that time was spent having to get round the M25 during morning rush hour.
  3. JCDG19


    Yepp they go from the o2 which doesn't make sense to me as you have to get back around London anyway to get on the motorway to glasto (source: I got a coach last year)
  4. Very good sale offers on the below link https://www.blacks.co.uk/equipment/osa:view-sale-items/ Should be able to get what you're after for a reasonable price
  5. What are the chances of some big acts (praying for Foals and Black keys) being announced come the full release in May? Personally the line up isn't what I was hoping for so far but I've made my peace and I'm fully aware that music is just a small part of the wonder that is Glastonbury. The 2017 poster seemed to release all the biggies in the initial announcement with a few smaller acts added with each area line up poster, wonder if this year will be the same
  6. JCDG19

    London Coach

    Have a coach package from London leaving at 7:00am on the Wednesday. Does anyone know where the coach leaves from? I'm receiving mixed messages, some saying the O2 and others Victoria or Wembley. Any help would be much appreciated.
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