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  1. 2017 was brilliant. I’m sure the Stone Roses were meant to be on that line up as well and it fell through late on.
  2. Not sure, usually would’ve said yes but if they were headlining I think they would’ve announced themselves as headliners instead of just “we are playing”. Next announcement is from an account with 2.7 million followers, the most of any page so might get something decent from it
  3. Wonder if we won’t be getting any headliners until the 4th. Starting to feel that way
  4. Hardly the most inspiring day of announcements but I suppose a few of them will be like that. Expecting something half decent from the main accounts announcement tomorrow.
  5. 2 of the 4 were on the cancelled 2020 lineup and all 4 were on the google document where you could select which artists you wanted. Would presume all the artists will come from that. Here’s the link for anyone that wants a reminder: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdCNnPfejp8uJNe1cOVmN9pOqpLu5JvzTcHQPFHZT8d-tB-YA/viewform
  6. Should vicious magazine not have made an announcement at 11 o’clock UK time as well?
  7. Running a bit late with the 11 o’clock announcement
  8. Well LG, Kasabian, Michael Kiwanuka, Fat White Family and Goat Girl are all playing the Saturday at Knebworth and it’s 75 quid a ticket
  9. That’s a strong start and unbelievable value for money.
  10. Guessing that’s the half 9 announcement. Next ones by an indie DJ so presumably another band coming. Then it’ll be a DJ. Then whoever Whitmores announcing.
  11. Got to agree. Can’t be selling tickets at 8 quid a day and afford a band like Green Day. The bands you’ve listed are the realistic options and wouldn't be surprised if they’re all announced at one point.
  12. Never noticed that. She’s got 1.5million followers, that could be Mondays big announcement then instead of MTV
  13. I’ll go with MTV Spain announcing Liam G or Kasabian to start it off.
  14. An act will be announced on each of those companies social media pages at that time. With the poster being announced on the 4th. It’s something a bit different but I personally can’t be arsed following all those accounts. Edit: Specifically their Instagram stories
  15. Going by the FB post acts are going to start getting sent out in emails over the next few days. Poster on Monday after a few get announced this week then?
  16. I definitely don’t think that’ll be the curfew time. Just thought it was strange a few folk were mentioning it on twitter, combined with the 11am listed start time.
  17. Not really sure, might not have been given permission for that big of a crowd, it’s been 18 years since Knebworth was used at full capacity. Noticed a few rumours on Twitter that the event has to be finished at 8pm. Also states on ticketmaster it’s an 11am start so it could be true. Surely not though.
  18. https://www.gigsandtours.com/news/liam-gallagher-s-huge-knebworth-park-shows-are-now-sold-out-/4520 Mentioned in this article by Gigs and Tours.
  19. Liam 2 nights at Knebworth sold out, 160k tickets. Seriously impressive stuff, guy was finished after Beady Eye.
  20. Kasabian behind the strokes? Usually big enough to headline but with the loss of their main man would they take a sub? Headlining nbhd but it’s only a 25k capacity.
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