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  1. Wanted to see Maximum the Hormone for 12 years, hope SOAD will take them as a support act for the whole tour.
  2. Just FYI, same year SOAD headlined second stage at Pinkpop with only an hour-long set. Kings of Leon headlined main with 90mins 🙂
  3. There was some Hungarian DJ guy who shared the list of artists who are possibilities for Sziget and Volt. IMO it was made based just on tour dates of these artists. Billie Eilish and Iron Maiden posted all of their tour dates simultaneously so they are out for sure. Posty and Foos were the most expensive acts at this year's Sziget, don't think Volt can afford both of them.
  4. So if you want to stay in a camping now you need to buy a camping ticket, right?
  5. Disappointed but not surprised. Not the worst-case scenario considering they need to compete in booking with Southside/Hurricane, Graspop and Pinkpop.
  6. Why do you think Post Malone is cheap and need to be promoted? With his new album I'm pretty sure he won't take anything lower than headline slot anymore. He was third most expensive act at this year's Sziget with only Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran before him.
  7. There is no poster, but this is the list of bands:
  8. It's because hint says "his live show is amazing".
  9. Bon Iver in Finland and Sweden between 13-16 August. Personally can't see them at Sziget, but still now there's one more band in August mix.
  10. Considering that they played Volt Festival this year and that Sziget management wanted to book Maiden two years before, it's definetely a possibility.
  11. Lol, that’s how word of mouth works 😅
  12. Found it on Twitter, don't know how legit is it, but now we have another rumour. UPD. Sorry, it’s about My Chemical Romance.
  13. No one from this list; Taylor probably won't come back from States to play just one more european show, TOP headlined this year. Billie is the only possibility, but she played August festivals this year and her tour is pretty intense, so she could end it with two UK shows in the end of July. Others are not a headline material for Sziget.
  14. I'm pretty surprised no one mentioned Twenty One Pilots as airplane reference.
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