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  1. Twenty One Pilots headlined every festival they played across Europe -- really don't like them, but they couldn't be called as co-headliners. It's just a coincidence they played Sziget before Foos, maybe it was the only possible date. If TOP and Foos headlined different days, both of them would sell well. It's complicated thing about UK visitors -- last year there was Dua Lipa, who never headlined any festival before and yet after Sziget, and her day still was sold out. On the other hand there's The 1975 who also played by daylight or on the second stage at every festival (apart from UK ones). Sziget decided to promote them as headliners to engage Brits, and feels like it was the emptiest day of this year's festival. So I don't know if they take a risk and make one day's lineup mostly for UK people tastes like this year. In case they will Stormzy probably take the headline spot (with strong support act from UK). Can't see there old legends like U2, Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, Paul McCartney, The Who, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon -- they'll take a big chunk of budget and I don't think Sziget target audience are into them. Metallica and Rammstein probably will continue their stadium tour (Rammstein already is). GnR are playing almost 4 hour long shows -- when should they open main stage on their day, 2PM? ๐Ÿ™ƒ You're probably right about other categories, but they still could mix rap and pop day (with The Weeknd), or book two electronic headliners (one EDM DJ and one like The Chemical Brothers). Let's wait for first acts of 2020 festival circle...
  2. Never been in Portugal so looking forward to NOS next year. Predictions: The Black Keys, Muse, The Strokes.
  3. If you ordered your tickets from Festicket I recommend you to come and change your wristband earlier. My friend is staying in line of about 200 people because there is some problems with Festicket and their tickets can't be scanned. Don Broco will start in 10 minutes, and he's kinda nervous about it. Another friend got her's from Ticketmaster and everything was alright.
  4. If RHCP, KOL or Green Day are not must haves then I can't even imagine which bands are.
  5. I think it really depends on their budget and on artists they could book. 2014-2015 also had only two stages working on Thursday, then something went better for next three years, now they are having downfall again. I remember how they clashed Kasabian and Love of Lesbian (another famous spanish band), and spaniards on social media made so negative feedback that they changed it and clashed Kasabian with Mura Masa. And got booed even more ๐Ÿ™‚ It's impossible to make stage times perfect for everyone, there will always be a few clashes. The strangest one is The 1975 / GC, but I don't care about The 1975 so it's ok for me!
  6. "En nada" means "in no time", not "aren't" ๐Ÿ™ƒ So today or tomorrow.
  7. Don't know if it's allowed here, but I'm trying to sell my two 4-day tickets. Cheaper than early bird and even cheaper if you'll take both at once. We're also going to the festival, so you can buy them right at the place if it's easier for you. DM me if you're interested!
  8. You should also count in about 10-15 local bands which will be chosen to play the festival through the contest with local radio station this Monday.
  9. Marina self-confirmed! Hope that announcement incoming today. UPD: AJ Tracey, The Hunna, Krept X Konan, The Black Lips, Cassius, FJAAK, Gus Dapperton
  10. They announced Biffy Clyro and Years & Years exactly two years ago for 2017 edition, I think they are relatively big. Fingers crossed for some good names tomorrow or on Friday.
  11. H.E.R. cancelled all European dates, including Mad Cool, Lauryn Hill took her place.
  12. They played late night slot after RHCP two years ago.
  13. It wasn't an announcement, it's just an instagram story with FBS song and "Friday" sticker - because today is Friday. He'll probably play Thursday, Friday is for Lana, Saturday - KOL, Sunday - Vetusta Morla.
  14. I'm totally ok with local head, but what exclusivity are they talking about? Vetusta Morla play Mad Cool and Bilbao BBK a week before and Low Festival a week after, and neither of these festivals are having them as a headliner,
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