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  1. My bad, sorry, mixed Boutique and Classic up.
  2. If plans about expanded 5-day edition (with separate tickets for extra day) of RW are still on the table then it’s possible. Or maybe second Werchter Boutique?
  3. RHCP subreddit, so take it with a pinch of salt.
  4. RHCP updated their website, there's a rumor about new single this Friday. Announcement for RW then?
  5. One interesting thing about Kendrick - his only (at least yet) festival appearance this year on Day N Vegas festival in November comes with a title "From Section.80 to DAMN.". I can assume there won't be an announcement of his new album before November, so probably no new tour dates until that.
  6. Don't forget about possible Imagine Dragons, with TOP it could be a great way to attract youngsters for this day. Can't even imagine their reaction to FNM if so...
  7. Same with Mudvayne. Were on the leak, disappeared from the official announcement.
  8. As far as I know most of European promoters weren't happy about that tour - the band was expensive and asked for a headliner place, while in the end the crowds at their shows were too small for headliners (except for FIB, guess why 🙂).
  9. About Thursday — I think they recently rebooked Billie Eilish, but this time they really don’t want to risk the contract, as it’s easily recognisable if they have to unlock I, E or L.
  10. If you won't stop complaining they pick Ñ this evening 😎
  11. How are they choosing next letter to unveil?
  12. The Killers for the second day, Faith No More for the third.
  13. Saw lots of one day wristbands on Ed Sheeran, Foo Fighters / twenty one pilots and Kendrick Lamar days, i think it's totally normal for locals.
  14. I think it just means that 2020 one day ticket holders would be able to choose any day in 2022.
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