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  1. RATM is not playing any date in Europe this year. This seems like the most probable for what we know so far.: Kings Of Leon - Editors - Bon Iver London Grammar - Bring Me The Horizon - Foals edit: I'd expect Balthazar, Soulwax, FKA Twigs, Robyn etc. to be there aswell.. I expect a solid undercard but rather meh headliners.
  2. Where'd they get announced for?
  3. That's not happening. It'll be the wishlist/stickers probably.
  4. Bon Iver would like to have a word.
  5. Last night, I heard from someone on another board that MCR is playing this. Headlining to be confirmed tho but as you say, I don't think they will.
  6. Yeah well.. Where is he? Or do they have to wait for Primavera?
  7. Was wondering the same thing, Dave.
  8. It's known that Frank Ocean is a fan op pop tarts. Big if true tho..
  9. Yeah, you're probably right and at the same time it's probably a consequence of their pop-strategy aswell. I can see their thirth headliner also being a name that fits Taylor, TOP and Billie.. A pop-rapper? A pop-rock band? I can't see them doing a 180 and book something like Foo Fighters as their last headliner. If Coldplay were actually touring as they promised they'd do, they'd probably be a shoe-in for this.
  10. Mad Cool is going for that New Normal aswell, I noticed.. or it might just be a coincidence so far. Anyways, it's good. Compliments to them.
  11. Pearl Jam (sun) - Foo Fighters (thu) - Rage Against The Machine (fri) - The Strokes (sat) Twenty One Pilots (thu) - Tame Impala (sat) - Volbeat (fri) - Dua Lipa (sat) - Royal Blood (sun) alt-J - Flume - Thom Yorke - Vampire Weekend - dEUS - Foals - HAIM - The Lumineers Deftones - Desert Sessions - Mura Masa - Skepta - Michael Kiwanuka - Charli XCX
  12. Coldplay is guess work since they can both play RW and a stand alone event on the field of Werchter, I think LN will go for option two. There's no rumour about Bon Iver right? I know they're high on RW's wishlist but there's no indication of them touring during summer next year in Europe, right?
  13. Lies. TayTay is already playing the 9th at NOS Alive. She's probably set for the 11th. Billie Eilish had a tba date on her poster, that's the only one we know for certain that she's playing the 9th.
  14. Thom Yorke (per tour dates), Dua Lipa (per Ken) and Kings Of Leon/Twenty One Pilots (per Hurricane) are the biggest rumors thus far. Coldplay could play Rock Werchter or TW Classic/Stade Baudouin futhermore are there some rumors about a possible return of Pearl Jam and first time headlining spot of The Strokes and are releasing both Tame Impala and Foo Fighters new music next year. After that you got Red Hot Chili Peppers, System Of A Down, The Weeknd, The National, Bon Iver and Volbeat who are all have been suggested aswell in the thread.
  15. Sheesh you guys are very sceptic of him despite him showing a lot of evidence that he has some inside knowledge. My guess is that they release their single on Monday or Tuesday with the album information etc attached to it and that the tour gets announced on Thursday/Friday.
  16. He's out and probably a lock for 2021 with a closing spot from 12.30 till 2.
  17. It didn't really work in their favor that they placed Arcade Fire before them cause they would've been a better closer with their more upbeat/disco/indierock tunes and with the amount action on stage imo.
  18. I think with Coldplay & Dua Lipa that's Thursday sorted as you can see how they've been trying to attract a younger audience for the Thursday lately, maybe it could be convenience aswell but it's noticeable. I can see them putting something like Pixies against Coldplay in the Barn.
  19. Any idea on the date of the first announcement what they're targetting?
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